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In Voronezh the dismissed programmer has revenged the former chief through the Internet

Having decided to revenge the former chief for dismissal, 24 - summer voronezhets did not suspect that will hoot under criminal article. Now inspectors are going to bring to its accusation at once under two articles...

... To co-operate with firm on sale of computers the young man has begun about 2,5 years ago. The chief saw in it the perspective manager. The guy for percent resulted in salon 2 - 3 buyers in a week - the acquaintances or clients whom found under announcements. In the end of the last year, as inspectors, the manager " have found out; has begun to enjoy also has started to sell to clients computers with modest a stuffing, giving out them for super-power to receive more money. However and it came to pass the part of clients has returned technics back - people did not accept its quality. Having learnt about it, the chief has demanded from the enterprising manager to return the drawn interest. The young man has refused. In the conflict the young employee of firm who has supported the chief was got involved.

the Manager with scandal spent. Last time it has come to the company on February, 12th in hope to reconcile with the former boss, but left nothing. Then the young man has decided to play a dirty trick on it. Having come home, has cracked a mail box of the head on the Internet, having picked up a code word. The chief to come into the elektronku after that could not any more - the avenger has changed the password.

On behalf of the boss the young man began to correspond with that employee of firm who has promoted its dismissal. To the girl obscene letters with " have come some; hints - ostensibly from the boss. First she wrote it answers - tried to refuse politely. But soon, without having sustained so frank pressure, has gone to talk to the chief. That, having heard claims repaired, was taken aback. And then villages for the computer but as tried, into electronic mail could not come. Then he was converted with the statement into militia...

the department on computer crimes was engaged in Investigation, after a number of examinations field investigators have calculated the malefactor in a place of its residence. To open the young man did not become. And in the justifying has declared that wanted to revenge the former colleagues that have not wanted to work with it.

- Based on the results of testing we have filed criminal charges under two articles: Infringement of secret of correspondence (the penalty to 80 thousand roubles, or about a year of corrective works) and Wrongful access to the computer information (the penalty to 200 thousand roubles, or till two years of prison), - has told Valentina Yakimov, the inspector WITH on Lenin area of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region. - Now the suspect gives grateful evidences. We are going to bring to its accusation.