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The director of department of public health services has resigned

on October, 7th the governor of Vladimir region Nikolay Vinogradov has signed Andrey Zirina`s statement for dismissal at own will.

we Will remind, Andrey Zirin has returned on fast of the director of department of public health services about one year back after a five years` break. In 2003 against it (the remarkable surgeon of the oncologist, to a word) criminal case under article « has been brought; bribe Reception ». All time while the consequence lasted and there were courts, duties of the director of department were executed by Irina Odintsov.
In the beginning of 2009 the court has taken out to Andrey Zirinu the verdict of “not guilty“ which has been left by all instances without changes. As indemnification of moral harm, a legal cost, and also a salary for all years of discharge from a post, Andrey Zirin on court has received almost 4 million roubles.
By the way, recently the director of department of public health services has received summary punishment — on representation of Office of Public Prosecutor for history with purchase of tomographs to it reprimand has been declared. A leah however is connected Andrey Zirina`s resignation with these facts — it is not known.
Among probable applicants for fast of the director of department Vladimir Bezrukov, the chairman of committee on social policy of administration of the region (it worked in due time as the head physician of Selivanovsky regional hospital), and also the present deputy director of department Sergey Zamkovoj informally are called.