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During week-end in Moscow suburbs a frost and the sun: at night to - 5!

In capital during week-end will be colder, than in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk! Yesterday at daybreak in Cherustjah situated near Moscow thermometers showed - 3,5. In the afternoon the sun though shines with might and main, but today it will manage to warm up air at the best to +8... +10 degrees.

it is all an anticyclone from Scandinavia it is guilty. It zakachivaet in the centre of Russia frosty air from Arctic regions therefore also temperature now on 5 degrees more low, than it is necessary on climatic norms. It provides a fair weather. In the afternoon - that grace - present, the rain would pour, 8 degrees would seem holodrygoj! However with night of a cloud do not cover the earth and air cools down faster, therefore and frosts notable.

the next nights, under the forecast of hydrometeorological centre of Russia, too will be ice cold: on Saturday will freeze to - 3, and on Sunday already to - 5 degrees. In the afternoon during week-end it is dry and it is solar. But if will gather for a summer residence or in park, be warmed properly: on thermometers will be only +4... +6.  

In the beginning of the next week the Scandinavian anticyclone from a place will not move. And weather will not change: will freeze at night, in the afternoon +5... +10 degrees and any rains.

for that to us to wait further? Weather forecasters of hydrometeorological centre of Russia promise that October in capital will be quite usual, with temperature within the limits of climatic norm. And it means that in the afternoon we can count on the average on +8,2 degrees, at night - on +2,1.

As so? Already now obviously is colder, and after all only the first days of October on a calendar.

- weather still will please Muscovites in the warm mellow autumn and will make up for present cold anomaly, - has explained « the chief specialist of the Moscow meteobureau Tatyana Pozdnyakov.

but there will be it, most likely, only in the middle of October.