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Power promise heat in all apartments of Chelyabinsk

— Help, we freeze! — the patient of eye branch of regional hospital Galina Petrovna Glazyreva has taped teeth in a receiver. — In chambers not above 14 degrees, we sleep in jackets and socks. And such cold even in children`s branch. How here to recover, if the cold on a circle goes?

the Authorities know about these misfortunes. A debt in four million the roubles, saved up by hospital for the previous cold season, — the surprising phenomenon. After all this establishment budgetary and to pay off for consumed heat should to the day.

On a broader scale, according to chief UZHHK of a city administration Vadim Borisova, to heat are not connected about thousand houses, but every day the list is considerably reduced. On « a warming up » Boiler room CHKPZ, teplomagistral factory « the Signal ». By Saturday, on assurances kommunalshchikov, heat will come to all houses, schools, gardens and city hospitals.

— Temperature in streets today not critical, — tells Borisov. — besides the warm front approaches. So we prepare since Sunday - Monday to accept from inhabitants of the complaint that in apartments too hot.

Tariffs will grow on 15 %

Now when batteries hardly warm, all are tormented by a question: and to pay - that it is necessary on full?

— All cold season we will pay under the specification, — the director of the Chelyabinsk thermal networks Sergey Lobanov explains. — And in the spring the sum either will be lowered, or becomes it is more. It depends on, a leah will be winter warm or cold. I will remind that in apartments we pay for heat not as earlier, equal shares all year long, but only during the heating period, from October till May.

By the way, forecasts under tariffs for the population are known. As a whole the rent will rise in price for 15 %. The subject deal of the sums which to us should be spread for the municipal blessings, becomes known in the end of December.

Where to complain of a cold?

According to norms the temperature in our apartments should be not below +18 degrees, in angular premises — not more low +20. It is necessary to inform On malfunctions in serving organisation (a management company, TSZH). It is possible to call by in Uniform dispatching service to phone (351 263 - 21 - 21. If reaction is not present, be converted into the State housing inspection on the Chelyabinsk area. Its address of street Elkina, 79, 5 - j a floor. Phones (351 263 - 96 - 60, 237 - 63 - 78 (the Chelyabinsk department). And also — in regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

Attention! It is not necessary calls in these organisations and to shout in a requirement and threat tube. Inform easy on the problem and take an interest when to expect its decision.