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Do not go, guys, to Africa to walk!

having caught the man, they lull the victim and serially force it. Having abuseed and having plundered the man, villains simply throw being in an unconsciousness and squeezed out as a lemon the man in a deserted place.

And for « sexual terrorists » has no value physical standards and the social status of a victim. Last, the fifth from their evil deeds the representative of police, for example, became suffered.

Later that has told that nasilnitsy, having suggested to bring, have enticed it into the white bus. There they have brought a rag moistened what those with an odorous liquid to a mouth of a victim, having inhaled which steams, the man has fallen asleep. Having regained consciousness, the guard   with horror has realised that cannot move, and the provoked thieves serially force it. Having finished the dirty deed of the gangster have cleaned its pockets and, again having drugged, have thrown behind city boundaries.

Though motives of similar attacks while remain a riddle, of police of Zimbabwe are almost assured that the violence is made by women not for ublazhenija the secret imaginations, and for the purpose of fulfilment of mysterious religious sacramentals.