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In Chelyabinsk the gang of swindlers sells apartments under counterfeit documents

In registration chamber time and again found out « lime » documents among that has been submitted on habitation registration. But that has at once got so much — such for the first time. At once from tens apartments passed under counterfeit inquiries — where - that was « it is drawn » the power of attorney with the press of the nonexistent notary, where - that the false inquiry from bodies of guardianship or the will. Vigilant employees have handed over all arts in militia for investigation.

And approximately at the same time Irina Gavrilova (the name is changed) has come to bodies with the statement cheljabinka. Under foggy circumstances its ex-husband, and its apartment someone has died has been sold. Though square metres relied to the son - to the schoolboy by right of succession. But the most interesting that the habitation has appeared from this the false list that have found out in regpalate.

— My ex-husband Sergey lived together with the father, they drank much, — Irina Gavrilova tells. — Once they completely were gone. In some days Sergey has come back home and has told to neighbours that they were stolen by any people. Have taken away in village and gave to drink to an unconsciousness. Demanded to sign any documents, but those disagreed, then them began to beat. Soon the father has died, and Sergey has run away also a self-locking device has reached Chelyabinsk. And in some days a corpse of Serezhi have found in its apartment. Then I have learnt that the habitation is sold backdating by proxy which was ostensibly written out by Sergey. Who has received for it money — I do not know.

Sergey`s Destiny and his father was divided by tens more unsuccessful families. In Chelyabinsk the gang « again became more active; black realtors » Which searches for lonely, drinking people with the living space. Only swindlers do not manage one deceit, behind them the trail of blood lasts. If « the client » not compliant it clean. Criminals forge missing documents, and that them have not marked, sell apartments not on its own behalf. On this case at them is « figureheads » — the same alcoholics and addicts act in transactions as sellers and buyers.

the Information have confirmed in three police stations where were in time « to be lighted » villains — in Metallurgical, Leninsk and Kalininsky areas. Criminal case under article « is brought; swindle ».

At the head of grouping there is a woman by name of Svetlana (the surname is unknown), already stayed for similar frauds with apartments. Leaving on freedom, it has risen on former rails, having connected to business of assistants. Probably, Svetlana — the inhabitant of Lenin area.

Attention! If you or your relatives familiar to a steel by a victim of swindlers call to the author of a material (351 265 - 80 - 66.