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The African plague can destroy completely svinovodstvo in the Kirov region

From this year a dreadful disease - the African plague of pigs - any more it is not considered for Russia exotic. Unfortunately. After all this infection terribly dangerous. And, under forecasts of experts, she will walk more and more on the country. Now in a quarantine zone Krasnodar territory. Here three years register growth of the ill animals. But on Krasnodar all was not limited. The African plague quickly extends on the country. Today it has already approached to borders of the Belgorod, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Saratov areas. In Volgograd and the Rostov region flash this year is already registered. A leah threatens illness of the Kirov region. About it we have talked to experts.
- during the current year there was a serious deterioration of a status on distribution of dangerous illnesses among animals and plants in territory of all country. Under forecasts these tendencies will proceed, - Alexey Hrapovitsky considers fulfilling duties of chief of the department Rosselhoznadzora across the Kirov region. - For example, now very much a difficult situation in the country by such illnesses as the African plague. It is predicted that the situation on furiousness will worsen. In the Kirov region 21 case of furiousness of wild animals for today is already registered: foxes and a raccoon dog. Is registered also lejkoz a horned cattle. This chronic disease which is registered already in 24 areas of the Kirov region.

than the African plague

the African plague - very dangerous disease is dangerous. From the infected meat the person cannot catch, but this illness completely destroys a livestock of pigs.
- If the case of the African plague in the Kirov region it will endanger all svinovodstvo areas for decades will be suddenly registered, - the chief of department of veterinary science across the Kirov region Alexey Kononov considers. - For example, the southern federal district where the African plague of pigs is especially extended, probably, will lose in the near future all svinovodstvo. Because to get rid of this disease it is very difficult. So, in the Rostov region the enterprise « Russian pork » has sustained losses more than 100 million roubles from - that was necessary to destroy 14 500 pigs at disease liquidation.
in it also there is all gravity of disease. The African plague can lead to serious consequences, up to a complete liquidation svinovodstva in the Kirov region. On a broader scale, branch Svinovodstvo as the kind can disappear from - for this illnesses.
But a problem what to reveal a plague very difficult, and preventive maintenance practically is not present. Illness can only to try be warned. Therefore harmonious work on infection non-distribution is important. For this purpose it is necessary to connect forces not only Rosselhoznadzora and veterinary science Managements, but also agents of national security and munitsipalov.

As the Kirov region is protected from a plague

Unanimously by experts declare what to confront with an infection it is possible only a series of measures.
- the main thing   - to warn illness drift in region, - Alexey Nikolaevich considers. - So,   experts of Rosselhoznadzora are on duty on three stationary and on 17 ambulatory fasts of traffic police, check, how forages, fodder additives, the agricultural equipment, meat from other regions are transported. In what status they come to us. From the beginning of year 220 cases of infringements of rules of transportation are already revealed by physical persons. Also we check the enterprises which are engaged in cultivation and cultivation of pigs in the Kirov region. Officially 71 enterprise in the Kirov region is engaged in cultivation of pigs. Almost 50 % of the enterprises do not observe a cultivation rule. So we involve Office of Public Prosecutor, employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, the main federal inspector across the Kirov region in common to reveal and eliminate infringements.
- it agree with the colleague, only the series of measures can confront with drift of a virus of the African plague in region, - Alexey Grigorevich supports. - veterinary science Management first of all, of course, traces delivery of raw production, stock, the equipment, forages and thus supervises illness distribution. We daily check all imported and going on sale agricultural products. Special attention we give   production from dangerous territories, for example, Krasnodar territory. Also weekly we monitorim a status of wild wild boars. For this purpose there is an agreement with a society of hunters. They bring to us heads of the killed animals and we investigate them. From the beginning of year have checked up about 200 wild boars. While disease is not revealed. But wild boars migrate on huge territories, and it can lead to that wild animals can bring to us disease. A problem also that disease is very difficult for diagnosing. And consequently, the faster we can find out the centre and it we liquidate, the it is more than chances that illness will manage to be kept and it will not extend.
but there are in work on monitoring reefs - owners of a personal part-time farm under the law are not obliged to inform on the livestock. And services of veterinary science and Rosselhoznadzora cannot trace such owners so and to carry out monitoring too it is impossible.
- But danger of the African plague that at disease revealing even at one animal are destroyed all livestock, and the territory in radius of 150 km - is alienated. That is even if disease will reveal in a private farmstead, and in radius of 150 km is large svinokompleks, its work should be suspended, and a livestock to destroy. These are huge losses.