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Everyone turns as can! Such morals now in Russia

History about bank frauds in which have appeared Omsk students Almira Rahmatulina and Julia Shpirko are involved, recently has told « (see « Two Omsk students has put on the wanted list Federal bureau of investigations of the USA ») .   the American Themis accuses them of participation in large bank swindle. Girls ostensibly opened bills where the means stolen by hackers at Americans arrived. Omichkam which together with 11 Russian students as passing on hacker business, till now are wanted, threatens till 30 years of prison. In total in business of 37 figurants. Here that readers of a site

Olga think about happened:

- Here from such stories general impression about all Russians also is created!


- And to that all of you be surprised? Who in Russia not the thief? Larceny is a norm of life and norm of new Russian morals. You that, have forgotten, as uncles from the TV broadcast that it`s OK, - simply there is a process of initial accumulation of the capital that the increasing statuses have been made by a thieves` way. Someone with gorjuchkoj sells structures under counterfeit documents, someone and guest workers gathers motorists, someone is engaged in building in a city where the husband corrects, and these earn additionally « mules ». Everyone turns as can! Such now in Russia morals.


- Want to earn - ezzhajte on a working visa (it in crisis - that!) Or on normal student`s (with delivery of all examinations). Only fools underestimate the enemy: there such things as struggle against computer larceny, davnym - for a long time are fulfilled. Girls it is a pity: have got on - silly, and on another have spoilt: again will toughen rules of entrance for normal people! On us again   will look as at the third grade.


- it is quite possible, them have substituted...


- I more than am assured that they did not know, than are engaged. Most likely, these muzhiks asked them to draw out money instead of them, because « the visa » has ended; « to you all the same will be nothing » and so on. Therefore at me language does not turn to name their thieves.


- I Would like to look, as though you for these girls interceded,   if they have stolen money from your bill! And all of them understood, when have tied on this larceny, - tea with it not for 7 years!


- Who did not live though a little in States - that it not the judge. Who lived - will understand.


-   Poor silly children. Have broken to itself all life for 10 percent. After all on
30 years actually can close!


- N - yes... It is a pity girls... For murder give less. But forgive, the moment about « is not clear; thought that will pay much ». They did not know about the size of the salary? And about the one as whom will work? When I participated in such program knew in Russia that above work of the parlourmaid - waitresses will not offer me also brilliants not osypjat.


- I Explain:

1) the situation in New York this year with work was very pitiable (there have arrived many students);

2) HACKERS (NOT GIRLS!) operated so: searched for organizers - « dropovodov » in their language. They should find about what not suspecting girls and to tell it the following: « Girls, are my acquaintance the businessman, at it on a 2 million card, he wants to remove all, but there will be a big commission and the profit tax. And he searches for people that to it have helped to remove in parts. Thousand on 20 dollars. To you they will be transferred into account - you remove them, and then will pass us. We from one operation to you 2 000 pay ». To suspicious questions respond so:   « Yes that you, we already were engaged in it, here have again arrived that you! Very well! »