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18 young pairs in Krasnoyarsk will get married in magic date 20. 10. 2010

Russian girl Natalia and German Shtefan have got acquainted a floor of year back. As it is now fashionable – on the Internet. Anybody then did not think that soon they will get married – after all the site on which the pair has found each other, was at all for acquaintances. Six months young men corresponded and exchanged calls, exchanged photos, later – declarations of love. And have then decided to get married. Never meeting before « alive ».

the Long-awaited meeting has occurred only 10 days ago – too in magic date 10. 10. 2010. Then Shtefan Vilhelm has arrived for the first time to Krasnoyarsk. By this moment all has already been solved, and wedding date – it is appointed.

- We specially chose beautiful date. It would be desirable, that this day remained in memory, had any feature, - Natalia speaks.

Today they officially became the husband and the wife. And after a while are going to leave to Germany – on a constant residence.

Natalia and Shtefan only one of 18 pairs a newly-married couple which should get married 20. 10. 2010. Six weddings will pass in Wedding palace, 6 more – in the REGISTRY OFFICE of Lenin area, on 2 steams will register in Kirovsk, the Central and Soviet area. In REGISTRY OFFICES of Railway, October and Sverdlovsk area day not solemn – Krasnoyarsk citizens did not submit demands.

the Photo: Alexander BLACK

If to consider that on Friday only in Wedding palace 22 steams such neazhiotazh it is not so clear will get married. Date really beautiful. However at employees of REGISTRY OFFICES the explanations to this phenomenon:

- Date to sound were late, and a newly-married couple and has not guessed, - has assumed in one of regional REGISTRY OFFICES.

One more variant – it is day of week. Environment on which has dropped out « magic » the number, not the most popular time for marriage registration. Escape in the middle of the week can, and will want, not everyone. However 18 steams have dared at it.

As the statistics any « speaks; magic » The combination of numbers does not rescue from divorces, and if the young love each other, also the most simple number will be for them – the happiest.