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Poverty does not threaten the Lithuanian authorities

the Meeting devoted to the International day of struggle against poverty, has passed past Sunday, on October, 17th, at a building of the Lithuanian government in Vilnius. Any representative of the power on action it was not observed.

Ignoring by the authorities prederzhashchimi this action did not become revelation for its initiators from Nonparty democratic movement (NDD). They just also accused politicians Of the speeches first of all that « they are terribly far from the people ».

the Leader of NDD Kjastutis Chilinskas has declared to the journalists who have come on meeting: « it is very important to show that people are not indifferent to poverty in Lithuania because below the breadline there are some hundreds thousand inhabitants of Lithuania ».

Despite the day off and small knowledge of the population of existence of such day in a calendar of the international dates of the United Nations, at a government building has gathered about hundred persons. Posters in hands gathered sounded eloquently: « the State without justice — it is a gang of predators » « Legal nihilism — tragedy of the people ». According to active workers NDD, one of the main reasons of social alienation and poverty in Lithuania is corruption.

« the Main reason of poverty — the power working opaquely, corruption. And money from EU, and from the budget would suffice, if them did not spend so opaquely, in interests of certain group of people. So social alienation is created. There is a small group rich, and all other, small and average businessmen, work in difficult conditions » - considers K.Chilinskas.

the general Assembly of the United Nations has intoned on October, 17th in the International afternoon of struggle for poverty liquidation in 1992. However the history has begun still in 1987 - m. Then about 100 thousand legal experts from the several countries have gathered in Paris, for the areas of Trokadero, and have expressed the aversion of poverty.

that day the memorable stone has been put. The inscription on it says: « Defenders of human rights and the citizen of the different countries have gathered here. They decline the heads before victims of hunger, human indifference and cruelty. They confirm the confidence that poverty is not inevitable. They express the solidarity with all in the world, who struggles finishing poverty ». In Lithuania the International day of struggle against poverty was marked for the first time.