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You give full estonizatsiju the countries!

last parliamentary week deputies have considered set of projects of laws, but two of them are of special interest for Russian population.

Their destiny has been predetermined in advance. The first has been presented oppositional Sotsial ­ - the democratic party, the second – the government. Accordingly, the first has been rejected by majority of votes which is supervised in Rijgikogu by ruling coalition, and the second has safely passed in the second reading.

the Law on language concerns to « to sacred cows » the Estonian legislation, therefore touch it very seldom and only towards toughening of the requirements directed ostensibly on protection of a state language.

the Government has once again surprised with the representations about democracy expansion. This time in a draught variant the interdiction for use by government officials foreign (read - Russian) language in dialogue with mass-media, and also sanctions concerning journalists who use « contained; wrong » from the point of view of authors of the bill, Estonian language.

Though these absurd requirements eventually have been removed from the bill text, there there were enough other elements of linguistic theatre of absurdity.

So, any public meeting should either be spent, or be duplicated in Estonian language. As the deputy from Centrist party Eldar Efendiev, in that case has noticed meeting of room fellowship in Narva on which there is no Estonian, too, according to spirit of these amendments, should be translated into completely Estonian language. To spirit because in the law appears even more ambiguities which give freedom of expoundings.

Who will expound? Answering the questions, representing this next creation of the government Minister of Education Tynis Lukas repeatedly repeated expression: « according to kind customs ». In other words, as will solve executive powers, in this case Language inspection, and will be.

In addition to Language inspection the governmental Advice of Estonian language will be created. Its problem will include participation in working out of language programs, control over their execution and consultation of the government concerning language. It is planned that new amendments will come into force since January, 1st, 2011.

In the project the requirement, that indexes, tablets, names of the enterprises and outdoor advertising including political, have been executed in Estonian language contains. And Lukas underlines, what exactly thus it is necessary to struggle with domination of English language in business and especially in advertising.

the Second bill, from a threshold rejected by voices of the ruling majority, has been urged to soften partially at least position of the unemployed, having increased grants and having expanded a circle of persons which receive them. Under data sotsial - democrats, in Cash desk on unemployment huge means are saved up, but the government does not hurry to direct them to the aid of the unemployed. Deputy Ejki Nestor (one of authors of the bill) has declared that the government simply holds these means once again to stop up budgetary holes.

Paradox, but, according to last polls, about a quarter of the unemployed of Estonia support Party of reforms which blocks all similar bills which are put forward by the left. Annoyed with that have let the bill go whistle, Ejki Nestor rather nediplomatichno named such voters « fools ».