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In Moscow have casually caught the maniac - the suppressor

Affairs about murders of six women and one teenager in SAO and SVAO pylilis on regiments of Moscow criminal investigation department of long seven years. And quite could pass in the category « visjakov » if not computer progress.

31 - summer Valery Mirgorod has made The first murder in January, 2003. Then its victim became 25 - summer the bookkeeper of Open Company « the Blitz » Tatyana Pavlova. He has strangled the girl in drunk charcoal fumes a belt from a dressing gown. The guy have caught in the summer of the same year. To the murderer of a distance seven years.

Having stayed put, in the beginning of October 2010 - go Mirgorod has come back home. Under the law, everyone left prison is obliged in ten-day term to be registered in militia in a residence. Mirgorod has gone in OVD East Degunino. Having finger-printed the former convict and having loaded them into the computer, militiamen were stupefied. The program of a uniform database has given out six open criminal cases where appeared « fingers » Mirgorod.

- In 2003 of such base yet was not, - has told « » a source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. - and the computer was not in each police station. Today it fine facilitates work.
as a result to the criminal now make seven more murders, and it has appeared that all victims he has strangled. 21 - the summer student of Academy of tourism the maniac has strangled a scarf at a house entrance on Altufevsky highway.

21 - the summer girl Mirgorod at first has raped One more, and has then killed in territory of the Moscow legal technical school that on Biberevsky. 34 - the summer employee of Open Company « Strgio show » the murderer has strangled a lace in its apartment in parkway of the Sailor of Iron ore. A body of other victim of the maniac, 28 - the summer woman, militiamen have found in territory of the Botanical garden. In this case the suppressor used a linen rope.

Then Mirgorod has finished with 43 - the summer woman in its apartment in the street 800 - letija Moscow. After he has strangled its electric cord, the criminal has finished with 16 - the summer son killed. This time - by means of a belt.

Last victim of the murderer became 28 - the summer girl - the expert spravochno - a Moscow City Council information centre. It has attacked it in a front garden opposite 43 - go at home along the street Jablochkova. Having raped the woman, the suppressor has drawn to it a throat a belt of its handbag.

Now all these affairs are united in one. To Mirgorod have already brought accusations - with murders and rapes. Besides, inspectors find out, a leah the man is involved in other crimes.