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It - a line translation of a hockey match « Ak the Leopard » (Kazan) - « Salavat Yulaev » (Ufa)


00:05. For visitors the first vbrasyvanie

Kolesnik in collars SJU, Vehanen protects gate of citizens of Kazan

00:30. The washer passes from hand to hand hockey players – investigation on a platform, commands to each other look narrowly.

01:30. Easy julaevtsy take away threat from the gate, and slowly begin the attack.

02:30. In a zone of owners a washer last half-minute – has pressed citizens of Kazan « Salavat »

03:00. Grigorenko it is persevering. Toresen helps it – have achieved vbrasyvanija only.

03:30. It is a lot of struggle at low speeds.   viscous hockey. Adherence to principles and the importance is felt. Pressure on ice any reigns

04:30. Pressure in another`s zone apply ufimtsy – Saprykin tries

05:30. Ak the leopard to exod of the fifth minute advances to the attack – the long. Kolesnik works.

06:00. Perhaps, for the first time it is hot at Vitaly`s gate. It seemed to citizens of Kazan even that Yulaev has broken Salavat in rule struggle – Bulanov`s whistle is silent

the Photo: - Kazan

07:00. Translate game julaevtsy in another`s zone and well hold it there.   Value it, try to play to the correct.

08:00. GOOOOOOL!!! Toresen - Radulov - Grigorenko! Here it the first link! A firm pass from - for a collar and in one touching Igor sends a washer in gate of Vehanena

Have played - taki to correct!

08:30. Cyril Koltsov on a bench for shtrafnikov. Tribunes rage. The first link on realisation leaves.

09:30. By gate there passes a washer after a dangerous throw of the defender « Ak the Leopard ».

09:45. It is rejected « Salavat ».

the Photo: - Kazan

10:30. Have confidently spent 2 minutes in minority visitors – to equator of the first period – ahead « Salavat » at unusually quiet game of both commands.

11:30. Spins laces the first julaevskoe a link – Kalinin checks Vehanena – the goalkeeper of citizens of Kazan on a place.

12:30. Vasily Takranov &ndash has hardly crossed a dark blue line; at once has thrown – Kolesnik easily reflects a throw.

  13:15. antipova send on a shop – one more possibility is given to owners.

13:30. It turns out Nothing at AK the LEOPARD - it is confidently operated while.

14:30. Sgalazili... the GOAL ... The washer has begun to jump - taki in gate of Kolesnika - a chaotic washer... Kapanenu it attribute

1:1. Fans SJU stretch baner on which unambiguously in 100 - to a dollar denomination the person of the judge familiar to all is deduced.

15:30. Ak the LEOPARD again checks Kolesnika a distant throw. Owners have extremely simplified the game - vbros washers in a zone and struggle for it, or an input by means of a throw.

16:30. Klepish with Volkovym forced, but Panin has pushed aside Volkova from a washer is masterful. The calm has come. Commands have exchanged washers and have calmed down.

the Photo: - Kazan

17:30. It is a lot of losses. The washer hardly zaderdivaetsja for 15 seconds at the command, also follows loss.

18:30. Grigorenko with otsorogo a corner throws. It is not dangerous

19:30. Svitov struggles for a washer behind collars of Vehanena. Long attack in the end of the first period. One more removal! Panin goes to have a rest.

20:00. Had not time to punish Ak the Leopard in this period, we will try to make it in vtrom


00:05. Vbrasyvanie for owners. Salavat in the majority, we remind.

00:50. Cyril Koltsov drags on flank a washer in a zone Ak the Leopard . It is not possible to be placed properly - citizens of Kazan

the Photo: - Kazan

01:30. Unsuccessful there were attempts to realise the majority.

02:30. Speeds that pleases, certainly have flied up. Imonen well plays to our zone. And trace it is successful on a point vbrasyvanija

03:30. Alexeys Kolesnika forces to be fidgety!

and there and then - in the following attack - the GOAL - shaking - fast attack - Pesonen and Imonen also have for two thought. Pesonen hammers

05:00. Grigorenko misses at an inopportune moment! And trace Radulovu does not carry... The moment for a moment respond - here such hockey we and waited!

06:00. Tereshchenko deduces Skachkova on a rendezvous with Kolesnikom - Vitaly is reliable!

06:20. Counter attack. Happy it is torn in attack. And removal follows. Owners in minority remain.

06:40. Hossa on a bench. The chaos on ice - rushes about a washer on a zone of citizens of Kazan. Good nabros - but defenders the first on a washer

the Photo: - Kazan

07:20. Cyril Koltsov throws, and porridge arises at gate, Vehanen fixes - taki a washer...

08:20. In equal structures. Hot on - to former Vehanena at gate!

08:30. OOOooooh! An exit one - on - one - Radulov could not change spread Vehanena... Here it is the moment was at Alexander...

09:10. Dangerously respond leopards - Kolesnik is good.

Kalinin remains without a stick - Kazionovu there do not pass these jokes for nothing - on a bench send it.

it is necessary to Hammer!


Zinovev from a zero corner! Beauty!

11:00. Removal. The push aboard - for it was received two minutes by Konstantin Koltsov.

Grigorenko wins vbrasyvanie - and is rejected.  

12:00. Owners Till now have not entered into our zone - fine...

the Next removal. Emelin, responding to power reception of Svitova, was overzealous - 4 on 4 we will play.  

12:50. Cyril KOLTSOV delivers a washer in a zone - Kalinin with a washer - and the throw follows - is inexact!

13:15. GOOOOOOL! Realized the majority! A series of ricochets - and the first to a washer uspevat Grigorenko!  

Ohohoohhho.... Emelin a distant throw takes unawares Kolesnika... And again a drawn game!

the Instant answer Ak the Leopard . Derby wonderfully well is possible!

14:50. Vehanen it is good - the keeper of citizens of Kazan throws out a guard and takes away threat...

Quick aggressive hockey - have driven in a zone - have thrown - back - such principle is pursued by commands now

16:00. antipov protalkivat to itself a washer on a course, struggle is entered by Klepish. Not for long the washer was in a zone Ak the Leopard

17:00. Zaripova in time push aside from a washer is Kutejkin it is good in struggle, Zaripov practically left one - on - one against Kolesnika

18:00. A roundabout julaevskaja! Hot at gate of Vehanena! Here it is hockey - attack - on - attack, blow - on - blow! What daring in the season beginning!

Kalinin neuspevaet is a little for attacking Ak the LEOPARD - breaks - and again in minority julaevtsy

19:00. Nikulin throws on collars, in hope on podstavlenie sticks someone

20:00 twice. All! 3:3. We have a rest...


00:05. Starting vbrasyvanie the final period remains for citizens of Kazan

00:30. In the majority owners... And dangerously they play a washer! A bar?! And more one removal... Svitov on a bench...

01:30. Kolesnik on ice lies... The washer rushes about near to our gate but while all is successful. Citizens of Kazan extremely confidently operate at realisation of the superfluous.

02:40. Have stood julaevtsy. However, on - former it is hot at gate! By miracle the washer passes them...

03:30. It is not possible to translate game in a zone Ak Basra . Have locked ufimtsev. Two removals affect.

Toresen leaves... We are not in time for bystrymy leopards . The next two minutes in the zone it is necessary to spend

05:00. Pesonenu we tell thanks - leaves fin. Unnecessary removal as they say.

we will take breath.

the GOAL! Have translated, is called.... Alexey Morozov... Between guards of Kolesniku hammers also citizens of Kazan again ahead...

06:30. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! the Instant answer! Radulov on Blatjaka! Has not time Vehanen to move! The washer flies in gate. Realised already the third majority in this match!

Ojojooooooj... A swing! has floated Kolesnik? Hossa scores between guards again.... 5:4...

than we will respond?

08:30. Alexeys and Kozionov try to finish Kolesnika - defenders deduce a washer from a zone

09:30. A fire in possession of Vehanena! Radulov drags a washer, searches for the partner - Toresen does not reach a washer...

Shchadilov fills up Volkova. Removal as a part of owners! Eyes at Saprykina - the WASHER - the WASHER burn!

10:20. Wolves - Saprykin - Kalinin perepasovyvajutsja.... And GOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!

Saprykin! Yes - yes - yes! On pjatachke vykorabkal a washer! Also has pushed in gate!

11:00. Passions are heated - Imonen climbs on a five-copeck coin of Kolesnika - and it appears on ice, certainly - defenders SJU watch.

Mikhalev puzzled and sleepy looks on tribunes - a little to it of washers

12:00. Kolesniku throw at random from an acute angle - in hope that Vitaly - on the contrary - on a place of guards of our gate has not mastered nerves.

13:00. Grigorenko carries a washer in another`s zone. The latent pass on Radulova follows - but defenders have experienced this pass.

13:20. Klepish powerfully throws. For Vehanena this throw of complexity does not represent

14:30. It is a lot of losses in a match ending - but speeds on - former are high. Have scratched at a board a washer julaevtsy, a second later it at owners - such game now

15:30. Pause.

Bulls it is thoughtful. Is at it zapazuhoj a trump?

16:00. Vbrasyvanie in a zone Ak the Leopard - Kapanen wins.

16:30. Frosts again checks Kolesnika an unpleasant semithrow - polunabrosom...

and the GOAL. . Has been covered KOlesnik - and the washer flies in its gate, in passing having touched Tereshchenko... Alexey deduces forward citizens of Kazan...

18:00. SJU in attack - as differently. Send a washer in a zone, and struggle behind collars of Vehanena...

bulls in grief, Zaharkin gnaws the polkovodchesky a finger -   Grigorenko meanwhile wins vbrasyvanie - and Toresen flies in a zone!

gate " are empty; SJU .

19:30. Blatjak powerfully throws! Radulov is indignant - it one was on the right...

the TIME - the Miss

is a lot of pauses. Radulov rushes on Tereshchenko. We remember baner Alexey, you is not right

and Tereshchenko hammers into the empty.