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The American army gays

in a national history to representatives will fill up For the first time sex - minority it is authorised to declare openly in army the orientation. And with rekruterami the Pentagon will spend special instructing that knew how to conduct with gays - recruits.

In 29 countries, including Canada, Israel, Germany, Sweden, this practice for a long time and widespread. And in the USA since 1993 operated klintonovsky the law « do not ask, do not speak » (Don ` task, don ` tell) which forbade gays ministering in army and lesbians to inform about the orientation, and to military command – to ask on this subject questions.

Complaining of discrimination sex - minority the given law categorically did not arrange, and in now in their street the feast, most likely, comes.

the Federal judge of California Virginia Phillips recognised the requirement for military men to hide the orientation by the unconstitutional. Earlier for it Obama`s command actively stood up, but on a nose congressional elections, and more it is not known, a leah democrats will manage to prevail against again republicans.

the Pentagon asked to give it time on corresponding reorganisation but the court has solved differently.   And gays meanwhile are going to storm military registration and enlistment offices.   « we struggled for equality in Armed forces with 1960 - h years. This day really the expensive costs » - admitted « a megaphone » Californian sex - minority, the leader of organisation PalmCenterAaron Belkin.