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the House doctor always nearby! A leah

you know who such « the house doctor? » is not present? Then we represent to your attention of Applikator Ljapko!

If at you an indisposition, muscular or articulate pains if old traumas have an effect, headaches and a sleeplessness if you are in a stressful status, in a constant nervous tension   torment; - be not stirred, you with success can apply Applikator Ljapko!

Possibilities applikatora Ljapko:

- helps with treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, it is warm - vascular, respiratory and nervous system;

- stops pains in a backbone, joints and muscles, headaches;

- eliminates sexual frustration with the subsequent normalisation of sexual functions at men and women; At treatment of gynecologic diseases contributes in elimination of the inflammatory phenomena and infringements   ovarialno - mensturalnogo a cycle.

- reduces time of high-grade restoration after cranial - brain traumas, crises, operations, strokes;

- contributes in normalisation of hormonal balance, exchange processes at endokrinnyh diseases (the corpulent lose the weight, exhausted   type necessary kgs);

- raises working capacity and a vitality, normalises the Dream and a metabolism, improves mood.

Applikator Ljapko represents medical rubber in the form of rugs, platens, insoles with the needles fixed on it consisting from iron, silver, nickel, copper, zinc.

Thanks to the diverse form and the size each person can choose that approaches it and to apply in house conditions,   therefore   it has received the second name « The house doctor ».

Being multipurpose and accessible at the price Applikator Ljapko concentrates in itself all energy of the East. Applikator Ljapko is widely applied not only adults, but also children who laugh loudly from pleasure using   Applikatorami Ljapko .

Applikator Ljapko operates effectively and smoothly!

If you want to be healthy – Be it!

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