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Such there is time in 10 years: at the very beginning of October Moldova will freeze!

it is literally one of these days in Moldova the summer has ended. Is not present - is not present, not calendar, but meteorological — it when the daily average temperature of air exceeds 15 degrees of heat. And here has burst autumn, has burst: sharply and categorically, having begun with … (not from a rain and not from slush that would be logical), frosts!
so, since first days of October, in territory of all country the first frosts, and not only on soil, but also in air are expected. The state hydrometeorological service predicts them for the period with 2 on 6 - on October, 7th at night and morning o`clock. On a surface of soil frosts are expected intensity in 0 - 4 degrees of a frost, and in air in places   from 0 to - 2 degrees.

the Phenomenon rare, but not phenomenal

Having been frightened of messages about future frosts, the correspondent « It was converted behind comments into the State hydrometeorological service: a leah to wait to us during the current year for the next record, this time « cold »?
- Frosts, really, are expected, and in territory of all country. In the first five-day week of October it happens very seldom. For example, in northern part of the country frosts on soil and in air during this period happen time in ten years. In other territory of Moldova frosts on soil happen at this time time in 20 years, and in air — time in 30 years! As you can see, the phenomenon rare enough, but not phenomenal, - Lydia Treshchilo, the head of department on meteorology has responded.

Frosts are terrible « to larks » and to vegetables …

- Within the next few days the basic temperature background will be positive. Frosts are expected only at certain night and morning o`clock. So to people to be afraid of them especially it is not necessary. Unless that who goes early in the morning for work. . And here for vegetables which had not time to collect yet from fields, it will be valid dangerously, - Lydia Treshchilo has noted.
it is valid, the temperature minimum during the period is expected from October, 2 till October, 6th in the morning (with 5 till 7 mornings). The average temperature of air on republic will fluctuate in limits from 0 to +6 - +7 degrees at night. And here it will be not too cold &mdash in the afternoon; 10 - 15 degrees above a zero. Deposits thus to 7 - on October, 8th it is not expected.

And how Indian summer?

« Will freeze » citizens of Moldova this year early. And after all all so hoped for October Indian summer! Just right to despair?
- despite so early frosts, it is not necessary to think that all - the autumn has come! This time cold snap. The Indian summer comes to Moldova traditionally in October or even in the beginning of November. And this year hardly becomes an exception — it will be warm still, - the head of department of meteorology calms.

there is a RECORD!

the First days of October — far not the earliest time to start frosts in Moldova. Happened and where began « earlier; to freeze »!
So, according to the State hydrometeorological service, the earliest frosts on a soil surface have been registered on September, 8th, 1953, and in air — on September, 17th, 1952.

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