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The fire has destroyed half uralmashevskogo the market the Omega

  - From a stop the flame, to 3 - 4 floors, judging by devjatietazhkam behind them is visible. The Fire area huge, brings down a dense smoke, - eyewitnesses shared details on a city portal.

the Burnout has flashed on Wednesday in the eighth o`clock in the morning on the prospectus of Cosmonauts, 31 (see Ekaterinburg the market " blazes; the Omega ) . Pavilions of building materials burnt and household chemical goods

- the Signal about kindling has arrived on the panel in 7. 39. To extinguish a fire have sent about 20 special vehicles. In 8. 40 kindling have localised, have brought down an open flame, - have told in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Sverdlovsk area. – has then begun prolivka the burnt down designs.  


Firemen complain that them have informed too late. When fire gained in strength, the market has not opened yet, therefore the message on the panel of the dispatcher of fire service has arrived with a delay. To arrival of the first calculations the flame raged on 300 « squares ». Wood, varnishes, a paint and the other inflammable goods inflamed with huge speed. Near to « the Omega » claps were heard.

Ognebortsam was possible to rescue a market part, have defended a ware number, but nevertheless all 500 squares of building materials have laid in ashes.


Along the street Ilyich and to the prospectus of Cosmonauts was not to make the way in the morning, stoppers were formed. Fortunately, on fire nobody has suffered. The reason of state of emergency is now found out. There is a version that someone has set fire to the market, or there was a short circuit. In favour of last version says that the centre was in pavilion with building materials.

- the Damage from a fire essential, at each seller the goods were stored for the sum from four hundred thousand to one million, - the tenant of a market complex Elena Stasjuk speaks.


the Photo from a forum www. e1. ru.