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Tours in Volgograd


To Volgograd there will arrive the king of the Italian platform

Toto Kutuno will give a unique concert in our city

Legendary Italian singer Toto Kutuno already more than 35 years on a scene. The songs written to it became the best hits in Joe Dassena`s repertoire, Mirej Mate, Adriano Chelentano. Melodious, a bit sad, but very romantic songs of a star know and people of all age and from different corners of the world sing. Kutuno name not only the king of the Italian platform, but also the person - an orchestra to which any tool obeys. Toto plays a guitar, a contrabass, a piano, a saxophone and shock. Besides the Italian singer is distinguished by the manner of singing - simple and not striking. Inhabitants of Volgograd have chance alive to hear its courageous, sharp, and times a warm and soft voice. At a concert in Volgograd the singer will please admirers with the best songs, including hits « Only we » (« Solo noi ») and « the Italian » (« L ’ italiano ») .

sports Palace. On October, 23rd , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone (8442 23 - 42 - 02. Cost - 800 - 3000 roubles .


Kutsenko, Marjanov, Apeksimova and Yushkevich will play truth

the New comedy from known actors

Director Victor Shamirov memorable on « Ladies night » has invited in the performance « Game in truth » magnificent actors: Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Marjanova and Konstantin Yushkevich. The role of the femme fatale of which by youth heroes have been enamoured, has played Irina Apeksimova. When it appears in the man`s company, masks, sypjatsja exposures break suddenly, and the game accepted between friends in truth (not to say lies, directly to answer all questions not to evade from answers) becomes rather unpleasant employment. Heroes of a comedy talk profusely about patriotism, world situation, demographic crisis and bed affairs, breaking laughter and a hall applause.

Musical theatre. On October, 22nd and 23 , the beginning in 19. 00 . Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50. Cost - 600 - 4000 roubles. the organizer - agency « All stars ».


Boris Moiseyev will act « Encore »

the Star will visit our city with new show - a revue.

Boris Moiseyev - the scandalous person and the person with many-sided talent. Unique hi-tech scenery, colourful suits, unexpected surprises from the executor, tremendous special effects both the most known and favourite hits wait for the inhabitants of Volgograd who have come on its concert. « encore » - On - to the present the entertainment show remaining in memory a kaleidoscope of bright memoirs.

TSKZ. on October, 27th , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

Cost - 600 - 3000 roubles. the organizer - agency « All stars ».


the Poppy s it and Eva Rivas will note « Day of national unity » in Volgograd

the Concert of friendship and the national consent will pass in the Sports Palace

« Day of national unity » in Volgograd as always will pass with the big scope. Thousand people will gather in sports Palace where the present feast of friendship of the people will take place. 15 collectives from 12 republics and areas will step on the stage in colourful national suits, will sing national songs and dances. Besides, inhabitants of Volgograd are waited by performance of special visitors of a feast – performers of surprisingly lyrical songs of the singer Maxim, Prochorus Shalyapin, Aslan and Marina and the finalist « Eurovisions » Eves Rivas. And there is more to come participants of a grandiose concert – some names are kept a secret.

sports Palace. On November, 4th, the beginning in 18. 00. Tickets in cash desks and by phone (8442 98 - 98 - 57. Cost – 300 roubles.



the Grandee Paul Mauriat`s Orchestra

you will hear subjects from « Sherburgsky umbrellas » and « the Godfather » In the original

for All improbably beautiful and stirring music performed by a masterly orchestra is known, their melodies learn from the first chords. For years of creativity Paul Mauriat and it « the Grandee the Orchestra » worked with such variety executors, as Charles Aznavur, Dalida, Moris Shevale, Leni Iskudero and Mirej Mate. In total Paul Mauriat and its collective have arranged and have written down more than 1200 melodies. Today Paul Mauriat`s records   one of the most popular on the Russian radio stations. You have possibility to hear alive musical subjects from films « Sherburgsky umbrellas » « the Godfather » « the Man and the woman » TV programs « In fauna ».

TSKZ. 4   November , the beginning in 18. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50. Cost -   800 – 4000 roubles . The organizer – agency « All stars ».  


Group of Mummies the Troll   will sing about « Rare the Earth »

Ilya Lagutenko presents a new album

in the Spring 2010 group « Mummies the Troll » has let out an album « Rare the Earth ».   the Plate   represents a kaleidoscope various   stories   and   events, which   excited   Ilya Lagutenko last ten years. After release of an album the group has gone to the Big Tour over mother Earth. « mummies the Troll » has already addressed to the Canadian and American admirers, and now goes on cities of Russia, in which number and Volgograd. This biggest travel of group which will come to the end in Magadan where in due time there lived writer Vasily Aksenov,   the author of the novel « Rare the Earth ».

Night club « the Piranha ».   on October, 28th , the beginning in 19. 00. Inquiries by phone: 8 - 917 - 33 - 777 - 77. Cost of tickets: 800 - 1000 roubles.


with the best numbers

Actors will execute Stars of ballet of St.-Petersburg « the Nutcracker » and « the Sleeping beauty »

the Best ballet dancers of St.-Petersburg will give two gala - a concert in Volgograd and Volzhsk. On a scene stars of ballet of world size Julia Mahalina, Ilya Kuznetsov, Faruh Ruzimatov, Maxim Yeremeyev and others will shine. In the program the well-known parties: « the Sleeping beauty » « the Dying swan » « the Nutcracker » « the Adagio » « the Conjurer » « Russian dance » « Nezhinsky » « Bahti ». Bewitching dances, jumps and fuete   under Tchaikovsky music, Sibeliusa, Mahler, Mozart, Albinoni.

the Regional philharmonic society. On October, 30th , the beginning in 18. 00. a recreation centre « October » (Volga), on October, 31st , the beginning in 17. 00 . Booking by phone: (8442 23 - 90 - 75, (8443 27 - 64 - 72. Cost – 300 – 2000 roubles. the Organizer – agency « art - Volga ».


performed by Nino Katamadze

the Singer will please the Georgian jazz with the best music from loneliness and stress

the Real jazz enchanting spectacle waits for the Volgograd admirers of creativity of Nino Katamadze. The star of a world jazz will give one concert in our city. For Nino to live and sing - things inseparable, pure photosynthesis which she lives, Nino on a scene and the child, and shamanka: it fills with herself at once all hall, all shrouding in itself and the music. It recommend not to understand, and to accept, in heavy doses, as preventive maintenance from loneliness and stresses. This music forces to fly, be surprised, feel, love. The Georgian jazz performed by Nino Katamadze – it at all style and not a direction, and on - to the present the magic union of a blues, fate and folklore.
TSKZ. 15   November , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50. Cost – 400 – 2500 roubles. the Organizer – agency « All stars ».