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In Volgodonsk will judge the jealous man who has shot the former wife and its groom

Iraklija Koridze accuse of two murders, causing of easy and heavy harm to health. If its fault is proved, it is threatened, at least, with 20 years of imprisonment.  

professional marksman Irakly Koridze together with the spouse has moved from Volgodonsk to Moscow in search of the best life. But   something has not developed, soon the young spouse has left home, and in capital there was Tatyana. After a while she has met other guy — Maxim also has decided to place points over « i ». Having arrived to Volgodonsk, the girl has informed the husband that gets divorced from it. Reaction was rough. As have told « people knowing them, hot Caucasian guy Irakly that begged her to return, threatened with punishment. But the girl was unshakable, it   planned to build home life with a new beloved. Divorce has been appointed on April, 30th last year, to support Tatyana Maxim who has arrived together with it to Volgodonsk was called.    

the message on a series of shots has entered a call centre of militia at night on May, 1st last year. Inhabitants of high-rise buildings have told that the unknown person has arranged bloody dismantling over group of young men. Has into place arrived operatively - an investigation team. Killed there was Tatyana and its friend Maxim. Two more acquaintances have got wounds in feet.

to establish the person of the alleged murderer it was possible quickly enough. The ex-husband lost, 25 - summer Irakly Koridze has appeared it. Some time he hid from militiamen, and has then decided to surrender.

Irakly Koridze and Tatyana

to the Consequence was possible to restore a picture of last hours before bloody dismantling. Right after divorce, Irakly took a smooth-bore gun from the house and has hidden at an entrance of a high-rise building which is opposite to the house of parents of the former wife. Has called in to the acquaintance, has communicated, and then has gone to the friend who on coincidence, lives in the same house, where Tatyana. Having talked to it, has gone down, has got from a hiding place the weapon and, having hidden behind truck, began to observe of an entrance. Eyewitnesses tell that is closer by midnight, probably, being nervous, went about the house. Young men with friends (the guy and the girl) have appeared at night. They went along the house and the first on steps at an entrance have risen Tatyana and Maxim. Shots at this time have sounded. Wounded enamoured Irakly has finished control shots, indifferently having looked aside at their friends (the guy and the girl have got wounds of a hip and feet).

- He has explained the act to that Tatyana change has caused it a pain, - Julia Sitinsky, the senior reviewer of department of remedial control of investigatory management SKP across the Rostov region speaks . - He has decided that she too should endure a pain.

when Irakliju Koridze brought accusation, he the fault did not recognise.

Irakly on investigatory eksperemente has shown, where was during shooting
Tatyana together with Maxim were happy.


When there was this cruel crime, « has published a material « In Volgodonsk eks - the spouse has killed the former wife every other day after divorce ». Here some responses to this text.

Sergey (30. 06. 2009, 10:19):
- Details to a portrait of Iraklija. Living in Moscow and being engaged in shooting, nazanimal at colleagues - marksmen the large sum of money. Asked on credit, telling sob-stories.

Vitaly (09. 06. 2009, 13:39):
- Today 40 days. We remember Max and we will remember good words. And more often everyone thinks of this loss silently! All who learns news from court, write in comments.
to all friends of Iraklija - greetings!

Moskva (14. 05. 2009, 11:28)
- That for comments in favour of Iraklija? You that justify it? And if those whom it has killed, would be yours the sister or the brother, or the daughter? I   I think, sharply would change the relation to it. Isn`t that so? Whatever person Tanja was, it had no right to deprive her life, and especially, in what not guilty Maxim. If it did not like its behaviour it was necessary to leave it, instead of to KILL! Sincere condolences to Tatyana and Maxim`s all family …

the Friend (10. 05. 2009, 13:53):
- Will suffice to offend the person, about which you that do not know! I   with this person I am on friendly terms more than 10 years, in this time has not offended a fly, a word bad to whom has not told. He has given up smart work in Moscow from - for changes of the wife, and intentionally to kill gathered nobody. With it communicated 20 minutes prior to this tragedy, waited for the friend near an entrance with which should go on a visit, and here it with the lover.

Moskva2 (07. 05. 2009, 11:05)
- in This freak hardly for life will give, 20 - ku will put or as the loony recognise. We know judicial system. Though aggravating is: the marksman, socially - has made dangerous way a crime, and most likely drunk was.

Diana (07. 05. 2009, 0:34)
- Irakly my schoolmate, very positive person. All goodness knows - in shock.

Den (06. 05. 2009, 19:59)
- Yesterday buried Max. The kind, cheerful, frictionless person. Said to it that it is not necessary there (to Volgodonsk) to go. But it was sincerely, on - is children`s enamoured. The person was lost from - for strangers of dismantlings and half-words. What now to his parents - to pensioners, after all it was the only child?!