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Reviews of films



Horrors, the USA, 2010

the Director: Tod « Bales » Williams

In roles: Katie Fezerston



the Drama, Russia, 2010

the Director: Alexander Atanesjan

In roles: Nikolay Dobrynin, Dmitry Djuzhev, Alexander Golovin

Life of the young happy girl in   odnochase turns in   ruins. It   hotly favourite husband is killed cruelly by any geeks. The grief settles in   to a shower of the heroine. That   to do and   how to live further? These   questions it   sets to itself constantly. But   during its any moment   insuperable thirst suddenly prevails against to sweep. The girl decides to find murderers and   to punish them.



the Cartoon film, the USA, 2010

the Director: Koudi Kameron

Continuation of mad adventures of a bear - the grizzly of Bug and   its loyal friend, Eliot`s deer. On   this time   Bug is started up on   searches of personal happiness and   gets … in   vagrant circus, where   gets acquainted with   a charming Russian she-bear.



the Cartoon film, Italy, 2010

the Director: Idzhinio Straffi

For Blum is hard to be the princess of a planet of Dominoes, and   especially the queen! To it   it is necessary to make difficult decisions, to solve questions, and   2 steams of parents always support it.   a leah can   Blum to resist temptation to accept a title of the queen or   the modesty will force it   to refuse?. What decision not   signs of Blum, it   can always count   support, native, Skye and   club Vinks. Skye does Blum the offer of a hand and   hearts, but   the father of the prince forbids marriage, revealing Blum dark secret. Fairies   from club Vinks with   the help of experts can overcome all   barriers and   to rescue kingdom of Skye.



the Thriller, the USA, 2010

the Director: Gela Babluani

In roles: Jayson Stethem, Mikki Rourke, Alexander Skarsgard

the Protagonist, young and   naive Vince, casually learns a fast way to grow rich. Trifling matter   —   in accuracy to carry out the instruction which will come on   to mail in   a striped envelope. After   the prospective addressee of the letter dies from   heart attack, the guy dares on   adventure. It   gives out itself for   the dead, not   suspecting that   it is got involved in   mortally dangerous game. In a pursuit for   easy money the hero gets on   an underground tote on   to Russian roulette. To it   it is necessary to pull the trigger   —   from 13   the person three will survive. It is history about   destiny, a happy occurence and   to loss of youthful illusions.



Dramas, Russia, 2009

the Director: Vladimir Fatjanov

In roles: Michael Jork, Boguslav Linda, Daniel Strahov

1940. Leningrad. At   sixth-grader Miki Poljakova carefree and   happy life: the father - the film director, the beauty mother, the big apartment in   city centre and   it is a lot of friends. And   all was in   this pre-war life it is good, while once it   has not suffered from   hands of the senior pupil. The doctor « fast » delivered Miku in   resuscitation, ascertained the strongest brain concussion. But the terrible trauma has presented Mike mysterious gift   —   now it   can kill any offender only one sight. So   For Miki absolutely other life, in   begins; which closely intertwine a reality and   mysticism.



the Thriller, the USA, 2010

the Director: Ben Affleck

In roles: Ben Affleck, Rebekka the Hall, John Hemm

In Boston every year   occurs more than 300   robberies of banks. And   the majority of the professionals specialising in   this area, live in   district under   the name the Charleston a total area one square mile.
Dug MakRej   —   one of   them, but   it is not necessary « to scratch all under   one comb ». In   difference from   the majority at   the Arch was   chance on   success, chance on   that not   to go on   To criminal way of the father. However instead it   became the actual leader of group of ruthless predators of banks which are proud of that   take everything that   want, and   leave dry of   waters. A unique family the Arch   —   its partners on   to criminal craft, especially Jam, which, despite   all unpredictability and   wild customs, are the closest to   to that   Arches understands under   a word « the brother ».
However all   has changed after one business, in   which course Jam has for a short while grasped the hostage   —   the bank manager Clare Kisi. When predators learn that   the girl lives in   the Charleston, Jam starts to be nervous and   decides to check up, how   it is a lot of   has had time to notice. Knowing, on   that Jam, Arches   is capable; takes it   business on   itself. It   Searches for Clare, and   that at all   represents that   in them   « casual » to a meeting is not present   anything casual and   that this charming stranger   —   one of   those people who held it   life in   the hands only some days ago.
the attraction between heroes outgrows in   the passionate novel, and   Arches wants to leave criminal life and   for ever to leave a city of thieves. But   considering that   at it on   a tail federal soldiers under   a management of agent Frouli, and   Jam starts to doubt in   its reliability, Arches   understands that   to leave from   affairs it will be uneasy and that   even worse, it   can put Clare under   blow. In   result a choice at   it it is insignificant: to betray friends or   to lose the beloved.