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In mosques of Kazan it is possible not only to be returned grace, but also to work sports

Now, coming to a mosque or a cathedral, church-goers can not only communicate to the Most High God, but also cultural have a rest. In many mosques libraries work, and in some there are even gyms.

So, in a mosque of Sulejman believers can work after prayers sports.
in the mosque there is a racetrack and a velosimulator. Only here the sports form special – in a mosque it is impossible to come into footwear that is why to twist pedals it is necessary in socks.

- Open-air, in 10 minutes of walking from a mosque we have organised a training complex, - the imam - hatib tells mosques of Sulejman Ildar hazrat Bajazitov. - All training apparatus at us self-made .   Among church-goers were umeltsy which have welded horizontal bars and bars.

Podnakachav of muscles, church-goers and are ready to play football. At a mosque seven years there is a soccer team. The command in the field in an internal court yard of a mosque trains.

- We try to carry away church-goers, especially the youth, any sport, - tells Ildar hazrat. – better let weights tjagajut, than on entrances to gather.
it is possible in a mosque and to pass away time behind reading of books. By the way,   at a mosque of Sulejman the unique library in Russia the Islamic spiritual literature for the blind works.

And here church-goers of a mosque of Kul - Sharif between Mohammedan prayers can learn oriental combat sports.

- At us with the sports centres where our church-goers can come, - the imam of a mosque of Kul - Sharif tells to the arrangement, Rustam hazrat Zinnurov. – Employment are made for convenience of believers. Near to a gym – a room for prayers where sportsmen can communicate to the Most High God. I and itself go on employment by single combats.

Near to a gym a room for prayers where sportsmen can communicate to the Most High God
the Photo: Ramil GILVANOV


In orthodox temples have decided to emphasise not on sports self-improvement of church-goers, and on the musical.   in Petropavlovsk a cathedral believers can learn bell-ringing.

- I come to Peter and Paul cathedral to be returned grace often, - one of parishioners Svetlana tells, - And then as - that has seen, how in bells call, has risen on a campanile and bell ringers with pleasure have shown to me, how it becomes. Even it was interesting to them to teach me. Now I come on a campanile to eight mornings before work – I call in bells. It was first very heavy, and hands at once were tired. But this huge pleasure.