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Paul Astakhov: Summer nurseries of camp are hazardous to health

the Representative at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Paul Astakhov has scarified preparation of summer children`s camps for a new season. As he said, in children`s recreation camps in connection with personnel oversight in 2010 25 children were lost, 18 from them have sunk in reservoirs.

Astakhov is convinced that is necessary to enter obligatory insurance of children. Without this camp remain dangerous not only for health, but also for life of children. In 2010 insurance was applied only in three regions of Russia. During the current year its use in 61 region is planned.

- At meeting with the president of the Russian Federation it has been decided to spend improvement of professional skill of the personnel of summer camps on a constant basis. Such employment will be spent absolutely for all employees in the form of 5 - day trainings, - Astakhov has added.

but also it it is not enough. The representative by the rights of the child offers   to develop the typical passport of summer camps. In it, Astakhov has explained, data on security of an institution, including security of foodstuff, protivoepidemiologicheskoj and fire-prevention security, observance building and sanitary - hygienic norms and rules, a safety rule of abiding of children for reservoirs, specifications of educational work with children should be reflected.

- also it is necessary to create a rating of children`s improving establishments taking into account the given supervising bodies and questioning of minors. The rating should be based not only on the official given checking instances, but also responses of children and their parents. This rating should be opened and accessible to all interested persons on the Internet, - Astakhov believes.

under its data, in 2010 from 55 716 functioning summer camps 4 385 had no water drain, 4 077 – The centralised water supply, 3 514 – a central heating, 328 – needed major repairs.

Professionalism of tutors also left much to be desired. In summer improving campaign of 2010 there were 75 accidents, 15 – with deadly exod (Republics Chuvashiya, Bashkortostan, Khabarovsk territory, Krasnodar territory, the Leningrad, Saratov, Vologda areas).

From official bodies of a different kind and type   autocratically have left   also were in local or federal search about 21,2 thousand minors.