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Has come on the market - wipe feet about a disinfection rug

Any day in Nizhni Novgorod trade rules in vesenne - the summer period will come into force. While in the city markets there is a decorative repair, to journalists « » - NN » it was possible to find out: to protect townspeople from a dangerous infection - the African plague of pigs, - in territory of all without an exception of the markets there were special disinfection rugs. Huge dense floor-mats in weight in 40 kgs everyone lie now at an input in food pavilions of the markets. About them everyone nizhegorodets, that without knowing, wipes feet, leaving outside of the market dangerous bacteria. For wheels driving on territory of the market of cars are established dezbarery.

Dezkovriki will lie in territory of the markets Bottom till the end of the year
the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

- Our market - enough big, - the director of the market « makes comments on a situation; Zarechnyj » Sergey Majorov. - in day here come behind purchases from 1000 to 3000 persons. To exclude probability of drift ACHS on market territory, and are established dezkovriki.
As the miracle - a carpet works? The cavity at it volume enough, joins every morning it the disinfectant solution killing microbes and viruses. Next day the solution is updated. Dezkovriki will lie in territory of the markets till the end of the year. And then all will depend on that, the situation with the African plague of pigs is how much quiet at the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

Huge dense floor-mats in weight in 40 kgs everyone lie now at an input in food pavilions of the markets.
a photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

We have visited on one of the markets the top part of a city - rugs are regularly laid on an input in the market and before pavilions. But! Many buyers, especially women in beautiful shoes, diligently bypass spetszashchitu the party.
- rescues from a plague of pigs? For the first time I hear, - Elena Kuprijanova speaks. - Though would write where - that nearby supposedly come feet on a rug - will be more healthy!
- and I on a broader scale have thought that someone sports has thrown a floor-mat on the earth, - other buyer Sergey Sokolov makes a helpless gesture. - I will wipe always now about a foot rug!

Instead of pigs - rabbits and nutrias

Veterinary surgeons suggest to enter into the SUBJECT in Nizhni Novgorod the program of alternative animal industries.
it is a question of a time interdiction for cultivation of pigs for suburbs of Nizhni Novgorod. Instead of pigs nizhegorodtsam suggest to plant calfs, rabbits, nutrias, sheep - in general, any another zhivotinu which gives meat.

- Neither quarantine, nor reduction of a livestock of pigs in personal farmsteads will not affect retail as a share of production from private farmsteads in the markets Bottom it is very small, - the main veterinary surgeon of a city Evgenie Pomazov speaks. - All in a city of 852 pigs, the considerable quantity - in Sormovsky and Autofactory areas (219 and 214 accordingly), and the smallest in the Soviet and Kanavinsky areas (7 and 3).

Besides to Nizhni Novgorod in enough pork both import, and a domestic production arrives. For an example: according to Gosvetsluzhby, in January, 2011 in a city from - for limits of the Nizhniy Novgorod region 777,839 tons of domestic pork and 203,723 - import have been delivered. From other areas of our region accordingly - 245,698 and 11,697 tons.

- Time decrease and without that will not put to small number of pigs a considerable damage of branch on territories of Nizhni Novgorod and will not affect a consumer pocket, - Evgenie Pomazov considers. - And here occurrence of the new centres of disease will lead to a complete liquidation of manufacture of pork in a city for long time, and is possible, for ever.

Veterinary surgeons promise to help to solve a problem with pigs to their owners. Dairy pigs will help to hand over in restaurants, the big pigs - on meat-packing plants. For the handed over animals nizhegorodtsy will receive money. It is possible to be converted in vetkliniku the area, there promised to answer all interesting questions.