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Siberians on - former are not afraid some mercury under a ceiling

Still one year ago a question where to throw out burnt down power saving up bulb, called bewilderment sellers electrical engineers and short-term intellectual effort at workers of the public utilities responsible for recycling of any household utensils, the unnecessary which has become suddenly. Both and others after short meditations advised those: « Throw in an urn and forget! » though « spiralki » containing mercury, it is necessary to utilise by special rules, with the subsequent processing on spetspredprijatijah. About it the correspondent « already told in the reporting « You to throw in an urn do not can the successor of a tungsten arch! »

May, 2011. In each area of Novosibirsk there were points where it is possible to hand over free of charge « energosberegajku » having brought thereby the contribution to protection of ecology of a favourite city (addresses read more low. - a comment red.) . In some areas even on such two points. However threat of mercury pollution of a city on - former worries Siberians a little.

- We work only with legal bodies. Usual townspeople bring at most 20 « spirals » for a year. Naturally, we accept them free of charge: not to send back the grandmother who went to us on city edge! - have noticed in the company « Ekort » engaged recycling rtutsoderzhashchih a waste.

the Company « Sibrtut » engaged in the same, in shops electricians on all city has established urns on gathering « energosberegaek ». Accept bulbs too free of charge, but « ulov » frankly speaking, rather poor - nearby 2000 « spiralek » for first three months of year.

- All - taki the basic our work is a work with legal bodies. And if to speak about TSZH or management companies motions are, but not too appreciable. One year ago that among our clients could be counted on fingers of one hand. Now with ZHEU we have more than contracts, but that them to count, fingers of one person all the same will suffice, - Vyacheslav Kosenko has figuratively commented on a situation.

to the Statistican - how much power saving up bulbs shine now habitation of Siberians - sellers electrical engineers, clear business, do not conduct. However it has not prevented the academician of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Nikolay Ljahovu last week to make the statement: lamps in a life represent danger, and « if to consider increasing rates of use of this kind of lighting devices it becomes obvious that such points (gathering of the power saving up lamps which have served the term. - a bus comment) There is not enough ». As the addressee of the message - the head of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of wildlife management Vladimir Kirillov has reacted to it, - it is not known. But, seemingly, the academician has got excited. Some of already existing points of gathering are empty months. That is Siberians or use laid up in advance « bulbs of Ilyich » on 100 watt, or on a habit send fused « spirals » in an urn. Both that and another by and large all to a bulb …

And as you think: a leah will suffice a city of two tens rallying points of mercury lamps? We wait for your responses to our site.

it is concrete

Where will free of charge accept « energosberegajku »

Open Company « Ekort »
B.Hmelnitsky`s Street, 138

Open Company « Sibrtut »
Street Tajginsky, 7

the Chain store system « the Planet of the Electrician »

- pr - t K.Marx, 57
- street Soviet, 22
- street Dusi Kovalchuk, 398
- Gogol`s street, 23
- Titov`s street, 29
- B.Bogatkova`s street, 201
- street Petuhova, 69
- street Cheljuskintsev, 46

the Chain store system « Energy »

- street Tyumen, 4
- street Vatutina, 7
- street Dusi Kovalchuk, 179
- Nikitin`s street, 11

« Abris »

- street Kutateladze, 4
- street Exhibition, 15/ 1

the Chain store system « the Electrogoods »

- street Station, 4/ 1
- street Trollejnaja, 19/ 1
- street Guryev, 76
- pr - t Dzerzhinsky, 4

« DomoTSentr »
Avenue Energetikov, 17

Shop « the Expert »
Pr - t Dzerzhinsky, 1/ 4

Shop « Kolorlon »
Street Tolmachevsky, 19

What to do if has broken « energosberegajka »

- to Deduce people from a premise in which the lamp

has broken - to Air a premise during 20 - 30 minutes, without arranging a draught

- then, having put on rubber gloves, to collect lamp splinters on a scoop, to combine them in a package, thus hardly it to fasten, or in densely closed to bank

- to Spend disinfection: a place where the lamp has been broken, moisten 0,2 % - nym with a solution of potassium permanganate or mylno - a soda solution (30 g soda and 40 g soaps on water litre). Also wipe this solution wooden or metal surfaces - mercury steams can settle on them

- hardly fastened package more (or densely closed) with lamp splinters it is necessary for bank to hand over on recycling in the specialised organisation

- After all these procedures drink - mercury is deduced from an organism through kidneys. Fresh fruit and root crops

are useful also