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In Ulyanovsk gasoline while is cheaper, than at neighbours

every day from screens of TVs of the Ulyanovsk drivers frighten of terrifying stories about gasoline, sharp growth of its cost and terrible « fuel » hunger. Also that most of all guards, the quantity of the regions captured by this disgrace, grows, and the geography of its distribution all approaches to borders of the Ulyanovsk region more close.

- the Relative from Nizhni Novgorod has arrived on feasts, - the driver with the experience Igor tells. – as has seen price lists on our refuellings, at it eyes on a forehead have got. Tells, at you here grace, and has filled a full tank 95 - go. And me has advised the same to make. It appears, before days off in Bottom 92 - j gasoline « has grown » to 27 roubles for litre, and turn on refuellings.

In Ulyanovsk such picture it is not observed yet. On refuellings of an agiotage is not present – All easy come, fill in fuel, how much it is necessary, and follow further.

- some More fuel did not begin to take, at least by a gain it is not appreciable, - the working woman of one of the Ulyanovsk gas stations explains. – yes you look, one car now on refuelling. Only by the evening becomes more.

- How much filled in gasoline earlier, as much and now, - tells filling car Andrey. - where to me it to put if to take more than it is necessary?

Perhaps sharply increased price for fuel has frightened off buyers? It appears, no. Gasoline cost for last weeks has grown in comparison with the next regions slightly. Under the statistical data, from April, 19 till April, 28th in Ulyanovsk litre AI - 95 has risen in price for 30 copecks, whereas in Samara – it is more than on rouble. For first two days of May at us growth of cost of this stamp of fuel is not fixed absolutely not, and, for example, in Nizhni Novgorod it has made 1,8 roubles for litre. On the average on Privolzhsky federal district for May, second AI - 95 there are 25,95 roubles for litre, AI - 92 – 24 roubles (how much in Ulyanovsk – see the table).

- Yes will rise the price, will necessarily raise, - the driver - trucker Vyacheslav speaks. – to these only an occasion give superfluous rouble - two from litre to take. Now speak about the high prices for oil, said earlier that cars became too much, and gasoline does not suffice on all. It seems to me, all it is far-fetched if only to tear off more.

In the fuel companies are not so categorical in an event estimation. And especially guilty itself do not consider.

- We get fuel at oil refining factories, - the Ulyanovsk representative of the large fuel company speaks. – on this price also depends, how much gasoline will cost on refuellings. Now there are no bases to say that in Ulyanovsk faults with fuel are possible. Stocks, at least for the gas station of our company, will suffice for considerable time. Instead of will be deficiency, there will be no also an occasion to gamble at dishonest participants of the market.

it is necessary to wait only who will appear the rights. And automobile owners began to search in the meantime for new ways of a solution of a problem. Which - who began to remember old receptions.

- I gasoline has started to buy from the acquaintance, - one of drivers tells. – at it it a lot of not considered. And how on - to another? Urge.

it is concrete

the Prices for fuel for the gas station for May, 3rd

                        the gas station                                                       AI - 92                             AI - 95                                 Diztoplivo

« Simbir - Petrol »                           23,50                                 24,80                                           23,00

« Tatneft »                                                 23,50                                 25,30                                           25,00 (Euros)

« Maxim - H »                                         23,50                                 25,30                                           25,50

« the Resource - Ojl »                                         23,00                                 25,00                                           23,00

« Rosneft »                                                 23,20                                 25,10                                           22,60

« Optan »                                                           23,10                                 25,10                                             23,60

the Price is specified in roubles