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To put the child to bed - the main parental nightmare

Well mummy, well even five minutes! now, I will look through last series I Will pass here this level and all! mums, I would fall asleep, only very much is it would be desirable Bring to drink Sing a lullaby Give still we honour .

These children are ready on everything if only not to keep within a bed. Some psychologists advise even everyones important and unloved children of business to postpone for the evening because they will make everything, everything if only not to go to sleep.

the British researchers have interrogated parents and have found out that third of mums and fathers consider laying of children by much more serious stress, than dismantlings on work with the heads.

now to children insufficiently simply to honour before going to bed. Those who is more senior not to tear off in the evening from the TV or the computer.

17 percent of parents admitted that allow to go during week-end to children to sleep later.

28 percent allow to sit up in the evenings at the TV if the child asks.

and 6 percent promise sweets if the child goes to sleep.

2,5 percent recede after hour of altercations, struggle and attempts to tyre out the child in a bed.

not less than 20 minutes spends the majority of mums and fathers for laying sacramental. And the quarter of parents participating in poll is spent by half an hour.

research has shown that children till 10 years quite often watch TV before going to bed not five minutes, and the whole hour and 20 minutes.

Reading aloud calms before going to bed and one not so joyful figure develops the child

And more:
Practically third of interrogated parents have responded that never read to the children for the night.
44 percent admitted that too are tired for this purpose.

Kate Evans, mum of two sons admitted:
- Laying to sleep is a nightmare, this opposition of characters, fight, who of whom! I work all the day long, I come tired, but attempts to tyre out them in a bed is where more difficult, than any work!

poll has shown that parents not so - that like to read to children for the night. And here children`s psychologists and authors assert that reading for the night should be the main rule, the main sacramental, after all reading aloud helps children to develop speech, the letter and creative abilities.