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Video with  destruction of people, becomes a part … a feature film

... Novosibirsk, the Dimitrovsky bridge, on it are carried by tens cars. Suddenly in sight appears absolutely « mad » « the Zhiguli »: without reducing speed, it starts to write out zigzags as if being unsteady here and there. And here legkovushka runs into one of cars and, having started turning by a top, takes off on « vstrechku » …   It protaranivaet a jeep … Yes so that rumples « to the Zhiguli » a luggage carrier, as if it - plasticine … From a crushing blow the forward door of the car swings open, and on road the passenger &hellip falls;

Accident in which was lost two persons, the videocamera established over the bridge has removed. Usually similar shots see only militian experts and inspectors. But this record had other destiny: it became a part of a film which will see ten thousand people.

- the Short picture is called « the Credit card ». In it it is told about people who under various circumstances perish on roads. Characters of a film – invented, they are played by actors, but the most terrible moments are documentary, - co-authors of a film Peter Dikarev and Nikolay Anishchenko explain.

Deadly road accident on the Dimitrovsky bridge became one of film episodes
the Photo: shots from a film « the Credit card »

the Spectator « Credit cards » will feel such effect of presence what did not feel, probably, never earlier. Here one more episode - the chamber has removed it from the epicentre of real accident.

- the Car VAZ - 21150 has been equipped by the video registrar – the chamber established under a front window. It automatically removed, everything that occurred on a way of movement of the car. And when towards to VAZ the foreign car has taken off, all it has got to a shot, - Dikarev tells. – Was lost two persons, and the chamber has removed last moments of their life.

the Film filled on - to the present terrible shots is already almost ready. Its premiere is appointed to May, 11th – « the Credit card » will show to the first spectators in one of cinemas of Novosibirsk. And then the inspector of traffic police will distribute record to driving schools, will show to infringers.  

Someone can tell what blasphemously to do cinema with shots of human death. But authors consider that such categorical reference seriously   will restrain an ardour of many reckless drivers, so – will save someone`s lives. In the nearest plans of founders « Credit cards » - transfer of a picture into foreign languages. The Italian and German subtitles are ready, and next week are expected French, English and Spanish. The cinema from Siberia can benefit and to the foreign spectator.  

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