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Kirovchane have celebrated May feasts more silently, than New Year`s

As have taken a walk kirovchane   in feasts, frequently happens it is visible by quantity of patients in hospitals and to calls of rescuers. May days off have marvellously stood out the quiet. People went out of town on May, 1st, were engaged in affairs on a summer residence. Widely, as in New year, did not walk. So traumas on a drunk head was a little.
- In New Year`s feasts at us the quantity hospitalised with the same bruises, time crises in two - three traditionally grows. Here such was not, people have not got used to walk widely for May, 1st. It is a more political feast, - have responded us in department of medical statistics regional travmbolnitsy. - We worked in a usual mode: as accepted the person thirty a day from Kirov and area areas, it is far from it have not left. With small traumas of people on a broader scale it is directed to polyclinics, we hospitalise not all.
- We without patients never sit, - the assistant to the head physician of the Kirov infectious clinical hospital Alexander Golovenkin tells. - Patients in May feasts was within usual. Probably that within a week, even in the nearest two - three days, will appear at us patients with poisonings. Perhaps someone has poisoned with a shish kebab or still something during week-end.
At Kirov poiskovo - saving group quiet May feasts have stood out. On a broader scale it is a rarity. So, on May, 1st to rescuers has arrived only two demands: one household call   - could not open a door in apartment. And the second on a broader scale have cancelled   - garages on street ShChorsa burnt, but there have coped with fire without the aid of rescuers. And on May, 2nd all calls were household.
- Even on the river Vyatka while all is silent. Waited some the big water   in May feasts, but all like in norm. There are small floodings in Dymkovo, but for nine years that there is a saving group, people from Dymkovo never were evacuated. They have boats so waters are not afraid. And the administration of Kirov while to us was not converted behind the help. Perhaps day - two   - and the high water will pass, - the head of the Kirov group of rescuers Grigory Rabsky speaks.