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German cheese pie

it is necessary:

250 g butter (or margarine « the Doughnut »)
250 g granulated sugar
4 crude egg yolks
4 crude egg whites
2 items of a spoon of rum (or cognac)
the Dried peel 1/ 2 lemons
125 g semolina
1 ch. A spoon of a baking powder of the test
1/ 2 items of a spoon of corn starch
1 ch. A spoon of vanilla sugar
750 g creamy a cream - cheese (or house cottage cheese)
a salt Pinch

100 g a cream - cheese
Fresh berries of a strawberry

1. Butter and half of portion of granulated sugar it is shaken up until white (3 - 5 minutes) . Without stopping beating, on one we enter yolks, then rum and a grated lemon dried peel.

2. Semolina it is mixed with a test baking powder, vanilla sugar and corn starch. We add in creamy weight and it is mixed.

3. Separately we shake up fibers with remained sugar while sugar completely will not be dissolved (3 minutes)

4. Beaten up whites of eggs and a cream - cheese is accurately added in dough and mixed.

5. It is spread in the round silicone form or in the greased baking dish and 1 hour is baked in warmed up to 175 With an oven. The ready pie dotsaem from the form also is cooled.

6. For an ornament: we shake up a cream - cheese (1 minute) and otsazhivaem it from a pastry bag from above on a pie. Strawberry berries it is cut half-and-half and spread from above on cheese.