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It is necessary to sing less

But with everyone, probably, though time something similar was. And to remember for the clear reasons it would not be desirable - it is a shame! Decent like the person, and here has drunk, has become unstuck, it is good though not a muzzle in salad …

In studio of new show « Sing! » decent people though take away. Beginning from leaders, Tatyana Lazarevoj and Alexander Pushnogo, and finishing actually participants, the mere mortals who have come on shootings that by means of a song to express the emotions. Basically it is recognitions in tender feelings to the family, truth, musical arrivals on careless husbands and gentlemen come across also. Songs as a source code undertake known, new texts according to a concrete everyday situation in advance writes employed by founders of show professional rifmoplet. In general, it to you not pity table canticles - in « Sing! » the people very serious, prepared and, certainly, the sober.

to state an estimation seen, too it is necessary to become, at least for a short while, the person soberminded. And to try to understand, why the new show declared as « unique possibility to the person far from television in the musical form to share the emotions » so frankly shoots by notes. Tempo failures like would be not present, participants vigorously jump out on a scene and quite tolerably sing, Fur is regular also in places not bad hohmit … It is possible to write off, of course, all on Tatyana Lazarevu - it, always such house and cosy, with the help kabluchishch and chignons what for - that have transformed into a certain variation on Xenia Sobchak`s subject. But the leader is faster not spoils show, and show - the leader who in the removed worn image looks as unnaturally, as well as people, with the persons warped from pressure singing another`s songs about ostensibly feelings.