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I am afraid of the tick in the beginning of May

Rospotrebnadzor warns: this year invasion of pincers is expected. On « hunting » they have crept out before usual, and in comparison with last season these parasites became more   the aggressive.

- the peak of diseases usually is necessary for May - June, - tells vetvrach Taras Sobgajda. -
this year into clinic began to be converted with pokusami already in the middle of April. The most unpleasant, the tick mutiruet. Becomes more than the infected parasites, they function longer, behave more actively.

versions of pincers weight, threat for life of dogs is born by representatives of family iksoidnyh. They reside among vegetation,   in   grassy   meadows,   woods,   thickets   bushes. So, after each walk very attentively examine the favourites.

the Tick searches for a place where to stick till two o`clock. At this time an animal in security. So   the wrecker revealed in time - rescue for your pupil from serious consequences of possible infection.

the Main thing remember, the found out parasites cannot be pressed hands, it is possible to pick up an infection. Also do not hurry up it to delete independently.
to begin with use a folk remedy. Drop on it some drops of butter, gasoline, kerosene or cologne. Often the tick falls off itself. If krovosos does not give in, pick up its tweezers or special pincers. Carefully, rotating clockwise, extend. Ranku grease zelenkoj.

- Problems calls not so much itself   the tick - on a place of its sting remains only small inflammation, and living in it piroplazmy, - the expert continues. - they also call piroplazmoz - kroveparazitarnaja illness of dogs. If the dog has caught, illness is shown through 4 - 7 days   after   a sting. The animal is in a fever, there is an anaemia, a jaundice: lethal exod is possible. The incubatory (latent) period   can   lasts   from 5 days   till 3 weeks. Usually at this time the pupil behaves, as always. The further clinical course and its symptoms depend on an organism strong hold. Especially hard it is necessary dogs aged about one year, and weakened, other sores.

it is very important to begin treatment as soon as possible as illness quickly amazes a liver, heart and kidneys. At neokazanii the animal usually perishes, but timely diagnostics will save to your favourite life.

Attention! Any self-treatment!

to help an animal to cope with a sore to it enter specific protivoparazitarnye the preparations, which in itself are toxic (as a matter of fact, these are poisons). On an exact dosage also depends, as it is fast yours zhivotina will go on the amendment. Therefore, all procedures should recommend and carry out only vetvrach.