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Problem of Vorobeva on the Eurovision ... To lose

- If only has not won! - Andrey Malakhov in studio of the program is stirred. At it on a wire Alexey Vorobev who appears on stage « Eurovisions » and simultaneously receives in an ear-phone of the command from the Native land. The native land orders to sing by notes and to dance at random - all for the sake of a desired failure at the main song competition of Europe.

is not present, it not a nightmare. It in « to the Big difference » have removed a parody on « our person on « the Eurovision - 2011 » Alexey Vorobeva. Victory to us to what - after all then it is necessary to spend the following competition   in Moscow and outright to fork up. And the country from last time yet oklemalas when Bilan has defeated. Of sparrows (it actor Dmitry Malashenko has played) the responsible task very much tries to carry out, but it turns out not always - some persons in a hall all - taki applaud!

As usual, a victim of a parody have called in studio. Present Sparrows looked at the screen together with Yana Churikovoj and developed half-and-half from laughter. Also has not taken offence at all, even when the assumption has sounded that with the western producer it has caught the contract not simply so:

- to make out in Alexey talent, Redvanu was required three bank days!

release « the Big difference » with this parody will show the day before « Eurovisions » (semi-finals will take place on May, 10th and 12, and the ending 14 - go).

And At this time

In Dusseldorf have passed the first rehearsals of participants « Eurovisions ». During execution of a song Alexey Vorobev has easy given out a somersault back, and on his back and backs of its dancers were lighted... Light-emitting diode screens.

this very day has passed a press - conference of Vorobeva. At numerous requests of foreign reporters he has sung « Kalinku - malinku » accompanying itself on an accordion.