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As on a summer residence to dig, that a back not to break

to Wave a shovel - no more hour

Before to start works, it is necessary at least hardly - hardly to be kneaded. Superficial inclinations, torso turns will help some, walk on a place, whenever possible highly lifting feet. This small warm-up will help to be warmed up to muscles. And blood will circulate more exactly.

and nevertheless, try to wave a shovel of no more hour. In process of weariness, stop, deeply sigh and cave in back, then forward that muscles did not remain in one position too long. In an hour, throw a shovel and lie down minutes 15 - 20 on something firm, it is possible directly on a floor. It will help to relax to all muscles, including feet - hands.

When the passion does not allow to stop

If all of you - taki have managed to become worn out and now all is ill - hoots, do not rush to heat a sore point. It is the most widespread error of summer residents. Thermal procedures only will aggravate a pain and will call still bolshy a hypostasis of muscles.

and all because the back pain and joints from categories traumatic also calls its sharp inflow of blood to the muscles which have weaned for winter from such « attention ». Therefore to compare this status to a hematoma more correctly. And what we do, when we receive a bruise? We put something cold.

it is very important to put at a painful syndrome for a minute (no more) hot-water bottle or a bottle with ice and hardly - hardly to take for a drive on a sore point. It will help « to disperse » blood, will remove a hypostasis and will relieve a pain. Be not afraid to chill a joint or a back, they are warmed well up. The main thing – be not overzealous.

from pains in a waist

These exercises it is possible to do Simple exercises and having felt painful sensations, and as preventive maintenance. If the back already is ill, for the period of exercises enclose under it a hot-water bottle with ice. Be not afraid to freeze muscles and joints. A cold and exercises give good medical effect which now use in a popular direction of medicine – krioterapii (treatment of a pain by a cold).

1. We pull shoulders to knees

Lying on a back, hands behind a head, feet are bent, stops are densely pressed to a floor. Accurately, on a deep exhalation pull shoulders to knees, without tearing off a torso from a floor. Hardly stand and again lean back on a floor, having relaxed on a breath.
to repeat 10 - 15 times.

this exercise will help to weaken the bottom department of a back and to strain top, thereby exactly having distributed blood movement, without allowing to accumulate it in a waist.

2. We rise on the semibridge

In the same prone position on an exhalation lift a basin upward, having made the semibridge. Repeat 10 - 15 times.

this exercise also helps to restore blood circulation and not only in a back, but also in coxofemoral muscles and joints.

3. We represent a kitty

Home position – on all fours, a back equal. Smoothly on an exhalation we curve a back upwards, we come back in home position. Too on an exhalation we curve a back downwards. Try not to hurry, doing exercises in one rate, experience all muscles. Repeat 10 - 15 times in each direction.

« cat`s » movements help to take off weariness of a back and to weaken basin sheaves.

4. « a kitty » Stretches

From position on all fours, leaving hands on a former place, it is accurate on an exhalation we sit down on heels, as much as possible stretching a back. This finishing exercise. It can be made as once, and to repeat, having returned to home position.

helps to unload coxofemoral joints and as much as possible to stretch all muscles of a back.