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Murmansk calendar: on April, 15th

this day 39 years ago – on April, 15th, 1972 – there was a case which has remained in the history of development of Ice continent – Antarcticas, but, nevertheless, connected with our corner of the world. Dizelelektrohod « Ob » belonging to Murmansk sea shipping company, conducted an unloading of fuel at Oates coast, around an arrangement of the Soviet Antarctic station « Leningrad ». The risen hurricane the vessel has unexpectedly carried from an ice barrier, having pulled out ice anchors. Meanwhile, on a barrier, tanks with fuel still had two crewmen « Ob » - the third mechanic Victor Kostin and electrician Alfred Sarnadsky. A frost – 22 degrees and the strongest wind. Here that the first assistant to captain V.A.Tkachyov remembered later:

« What with Kostin and Sarnadsky? Leah they know that « Ob » has torn off from a barrier? If they decide to go from tanks on a hose to barrier edge, it not to cope with force of hurricane, not to be kept on a glacier …

Have communicated with station Leningrad, have informed polar explorers that on a barrier remains two persons, have asked to send at the first opportunity behind them the cross-country vehicle and people. A frost, night, a gale-force wind, a snow blizzard … in such conditions Kostin and Sarnadsky can not find even the tent standing in one hundred of metres from tanks. Products at them with themselves are not present, possibly, there are no also matches to kindle a fire and to be warmed, as both non-smoking.

With Leningrad have informed that at them conditions are not better, than on a barrier that to the aid of seamen the saving party, but as to spite, the cross-country vehicle engine is not got in any way is equipped.

And a diesel engine - the electrocourse in several miles from a barrier has been tightly clamped in ices. There has come a dawn, the blizzard has abated. From the ship bridge in the strong sea field-glass have noticed on a barrier a small smoke, and two moving figures have soon considered also. Means, children are live! In some hours the cross-country vehicle has approached to a barrier with polar explorers. The clothes covered with an ice crust, Kostin`s dark persons and Sarnadsky have outright frightened the station doctor. « strong obmorozhenie » - he has solved. But, fortunately, the alarm has appeared false.

It was found out that when the vessel has torn off from a barrier and fuel giving has stopped, Kostin and Sarnadsky at once all have understood. They have reached the cross-country vehicle semibrought by snow which were standing nearby from tanks, have got into its cabin, having taken with itself the canister with gasoline. A frost above twenty degrees and a wind made itself felt. Not to freeze, seamen have wetted gasoline rags, have lighted its spark from the accumulator of the cross-country vehicle and so, from time to time changing rags, the whole night have stayed in a cabin, being heated and talking not to fall asleep. From a fat soot of their person have turned black. It also has frightened the doctor.

Kostin and Sarnadsky together with polar explorers of profit on Leningrad. We were glad to hear vigorous voices of the companions by radio. Both good fellows – have not become puzzled in a difficult situation! »

This history to me was told once by Alfred Sarnadsky – umbjanin it come, and nowadays – the inhabitant of Murmansk. As he said, by the end of that ice epopee for weariness, a sleeplessness and colds at it already began hallucinations. Thank God, all has managed. It has shown me then the comic poem composed soon after described events by someone from crew « Ob ». It is called « Sparrows in Antarctica ».

snowstorm with svistami,

Try - ka, a nose vysuni,

Punishment is short.

And only with melancholy glubokoju

Look on « Ob » far

Two guys from a glacier.


Were cold our small –

Hungry, tired –

Also press close grow stout.

And a blizzard with a roar mad

Knocks on a canvas snow-covered

all Also is angry more strongly.


guys poor

Under these whirlwinds harmful,

Also it seems to them there,

That it – jokes nasty,

But where drugi correct

And where our captain.

Such here an episode of times of the Soviet conquest of Antarctica. Romanticism in style of stories of Jack Londona. In life if you have forgotten, always there is a place to exploit!