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The daughter has reserved the native father and the stepmother that will catch family business

One of these days in the Saratov court to be considered a sensational case which has shaken all Engels in the autumn. In the end of October the city was stirred up by murder of large businessman Ivan Borisova. It killed on a threshold of own house together with the pregnant wife.  

… in the Evening, on October, 26th, 2010, the nurse prepared two-year Uljanku for a dream. Her parents left to walk before going to bed and to breathe fresh air. Two men have rushed into this moment in a court yard with knifes.

- the Master of the house protected the wife to the last, - will draw then conclusions inspectors. To one of murderers cut in a jaw so that that has not fainted nearly (Borisov was engaged in boxing. – a comment red) when that has rushed on the pregnant wife. But what such fists against two people armed by knifes? When on the house has approached « fast » called by the nurse, Borisov and his wife Katya were already dead.

Murderers were stopped even by a five-monthly stomach which the young woman tried to close hands.

Katya and Ivan prepared for a birth of the child.
a photo: from family archive

51 - summer Ivan Borisov was large engelsskim the businessman, owned a network of pawnshops, jewelry stores, real estate and autopawnshops. The monthly net profit from business made more than one million roubles. Before acquaintance to Katya Rjabchenko Borisov has had time to marry and get three children some times. The most senior, too Katya, all for a year was more younger the stepmother. It - that, under the version of the investigation, also has coveted daddy`s business. Rolling some years lived in Moscow, was engaged rieltorskim in business, but affairs went so-so. The daughter tried to ask money from the father, but to give the large sum that it has appeared. Probably, then in Katya`s head the plan as it is possible to be enriched quickly also has blossomed and without applying special efforts. For this purpose it is enough to become the daddy`s successor. To whom how not the oldest daughter, will pass all business?

- On this material worked a large quantity of police officers. At once criminal case under article « has been brought; murder of two and more persons ». But on the criminal it was possible to leave in absolutely unusual way. After in mass-media there was an information on this murder, the man has come to department and has told that to it « have reserved » this family, - the inspector on especially important issues of SOU SK Alexey Pogosov has told. - Customers have handed over to it of 30 thousand deposit and a photo of victims, but the executor has changed the mind at the last minute.

to Calculate the owner on phone number from which called to the not taken place killer, it has appeared business of 10 minutes. Stepan, the young man of a daughter killed, Katyas Borisovoj has appeared it.

is it together with the friend killed Borisov and its civil wife. After failure with the hired killer the couple has decided not to risk and make any more all independently. Stepan`s friend has received quite good enough sum for work, - touches business Pogosov. - As murderers on a consequence have told then, they did not want to kill the spouse. But having seen knifes, she has cried. To stop these wails, it was necessary to calm down it.

Having handed over to the employed killer of 200 thousand for well performed work, the girl has gone on funeral - to cry together with the younger brother and the sister on the killed father. Promised to thank and the young man, but was not in time. On October, 30th all three was detained by field investigators. Rolling some months is in a pre-trial detention centre, instead of daddy`s millions it is threatened with a life imprisonment. From its all family only mum occasionally comes to see. Small Uljanu was taken away by parents Katya.