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Novosibirsk fanatki shocked real boys

« Real boys » - rather ambiguous filmstars. The good few of spectators frankly screws up the face from one mention of a serial. A pier, did not suffice on the TV a gate in all beauty to show. Other part of public sincerely admires: « They such darlings, direct … »

These actors are loved by Buddhists

Actually actors with characteristic roguish manners - people rather intelligent and nurtured. But on country Koljan scenes, Vovan and Antoha act, without leaving habitual images.

on April, 27th all fair command has visited Novosibirsk. Children have arrived to hostel in scenic jumpsuits. Here only dresses were not in harmony with strange ornaments « boys » …

- On necks at children an unusual beads, oberegi with a certain religious symbolics hung. It has appeared - buddistskie attributes, - organizers of a concert share impressions. - the matter is that children have visited in the Uhlan - Ude, have got acquainted with the llama. And he so was delighted to new acquaintance that has handed over to children gifts. But it still that … the Llama even to night club has come on a concert « real boys »!

In the Siberian capital public was other. In club « Rublyov » where performance of filmstars has been appointed, have not come neither llamas, nor pastors … And here girls - fanatok were simple be not to counting!

When guys read a rap on a scene and theatrically pinned up each other, fans simply squealed from delight. And it was necessary to Vovan to go down on a dancing as the big agiotage has begun. Under the scenario the actor needed to choose some young ladies for the next competition with prizes. But as a result of the girl nearly have not broken off on souvenirs of the substitute.

Koljan the master - a class on a choreography
has given to public the Photo: from a site novosibirsk. nightout. ru

not to pass to the actress by the charming mime

to Vovan that evening on a broader scale carried with fans. Hardly the guy has precipitately approached to stage edge as one of girls has seized it for a foot. Yes so it is strong that the actor has got stuck, as if in a trap. Then the young lady had to get acquainted with another « the boy » - the security guard of club. That it is polite, but persistently spent the girl to a door.

Public has been entirely keen on celebrities on a scene. Almost nobody has noticed that among spectators there were also other stars - a little kaveenshchikov from « command; the District city ». Children acted in Novosibirsk in the evening, and then have come as visitors on « real boys » and easy sat at little tables, remaining not learnt. Only sometimes the most attentive spectators approached to humorists and suggested to be photographed together.

Has visited Novosibirsk and the most charming actress of a serial - Zoe Berber. To spectators it is more known as loved Koljana by name of Lera. The girl has with all the heart taken a walk across Novosibirsk and even has surprised one of young Siberians.

- About cafe she has seen, how the mime entertains children. It has seemed to Lere such attractive that the girl herself has approached to it and has asked to make a joint photo for memory. The guy has learnt it and even was taken aback from such offer, - organizers laugh. - but to make a picture the mime, of course, has not refused.

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