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On fulfilling duties of the head of Engelssky area

Inhabitants of Engelssky area in paranormal stories everyone there, of course, too have filed criminal charges do not believe, but with an armchair of the head of administration obviously something not that. After arrest of the former city head - the companion of Michael Lysenko (we will remind, him accuse of gangsterism, custom-made murder and bribe reception. - a comment red. ) the office of head has changed already three owners (read details: Near Saratov on Michael Lysenko have got the fourth criminal case ). At first Tatyana Petrovsky was engaged in affairs zam the arrested official and on elections townspeople have confidently voted for it. But deputies of district meeting, and behind them a vote have given a surprise, having chosen on a high post of the former director « Engelstransmasha » Evgenie Shlychkova.

the New head only has had time to hang up on a door of an office the tablet, as again a surprise. The district meeting has found any remedial infringements at voting and has suddenly offered a new nominee of politician Dmitry Lobanova (read: Near Saratov deputies have ousted the head of Engelssky area ). The fresh applicant planned to start to get acquainted with affairs after May feasts. Into a course of its business should enter and. An island of the head of administration of Engelssky area Andrey Ruchkin. But, as they say, does not carry so does not carry: yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor has declared that against it have filed criminal charges under article « Use of office position ». Ruchkin, ostensibly, helped to forge results of March elections.

- the Information has been received under the statement of one of deputies of Engelssky regional meeting, - Oksana Lyapin, a press - the secretary of SOU SK has commented on the Russian Federation across the Saratov region. - investigation while Ruchkin is not arrested, but only under a consequence now is made.

It seems that to prepare a city for summer for Lobanovu it is necessary most, well if only the district meeting again does not change the mind.