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a leah It is possible to drive on a cemetery by cars?

« on May, 1st   went   with the sister-in-law on a city cemetery in Ulybyshevo. Some days has passed from that trip, and I all cannot calm down, so have unpleasantly amazed me seen in this mournful place.

to the People on a cemetery was   it is a lot of. Someone remembered deceased, someone took care mogilki.   Thus garbage tanks have been filled up by the fallen down foliage, the branches, the faded wreaths... Garbage mounts   rose even on the Walk of Fame, but anybody did not take out it.

we had not time to pass   some metres as have seen bitterly crying woman. Old - prestaruju, with a stick, in points with huge lenses.   It has appeared, here an hour she unsuccessfully searches for tombs of the husband and the son.  

Fairly pobluzhdav among burial places, we have deduced the grandmother in a proper place. But have not made also three steps as to us other elderly woman was converted, in blank despair searching   tombs of the native:

- On   33 - m a site they lie, but I do not see   tablets!  

And really, the stationary tablets specifying numbers of quarters and sectors, on a cemetery practically are not present. And those not numerous that is, any crooked, turned black, with badly visible figures. Unless this business? In my opinion,   the stand with the cemetery plan should be established not only at a front entrance, but also on crossroads of avenues. It is possible even a map - the cemetery scheme   to sell for symbolical money in a booth at an input. Then any person, though elderly though young, can easily orient in this huge territory.  

... On an asphalt path we have gone to a tomb of mother, but have been urged to recede continually to a roadside because by us rushed one for other cars. Who has resolved to automobile owners     so to drive on a cemetery?   if   people do not understand that in this mournful place it is necessary to behave piously, let local administration at least   will hang out signs limiting speed! »

Tatyana Petrovna,   the inhabitant   Vladimir`s cities.