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At me policy KASKO - in what terms should pay the insurance?

at me policy KASKO. I wash the car have hurt in road accident, there has arrived the insurance agent, to me have counted the insurance sum – 48 thousand roubles also promised to translate to the bank account within two weeks. There is a second month, and money all is not present, in the insurance company has ceased to take the call. Prompt: in what term under the law are obliged to pay the insurance and what to do, if term is tightened?

Responds the chairman of public organisation « your right » lawyer Sergey Yeliseyev:

- the Order and terms of payments of the insurance on autoinsurance KASKO, unfortunately, are not regulated by federal laws, and established only by the contract and insurance Rules is concrete your insurance company which are applied on the contract on autoinsurance. In these documents also it is necessary to look target dates for payment to you of the insurance sum.

if the company breaks target dates at first it is necessary to be converted with the claim to the insurer in writing if after 2 - h weeks after reception from you the claim of any actions for payment of the put sum it will not be undertaken, it is necessary to be converted into court for insurance collecting already in a judicial order.