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The Exclusive collection represents a collection of the best cartoon films on motives of fairy tales of the people of Russia


It is fairy tales of the different people occupying our immense Native land.

In them Russian, Ukrainian, Ural, Tatar, Karelian, darginskie, the Eskimo, Huzul, Bashkir fairy tales are collected. Such ethnic collection on to roads of fairy tales moreover in animated execution did not leave.

Gold fund of modern Russian animation.

Nobody argues, Winnie - Down, the Kid and Carlson, the Wolf and the Hare from Well, pogodi! not to mention heroes prostokvashino - classics of an animation genre. On them some generations of children have grown. But here a misfortune - some of these outstanding examples of animation art are removed still in the end of 60 - h years, and it would be desirable to look at something the best and brand new... From this the newcomer Just the collection " also consists; the Mount of semi-precious stones .

the Best - under one cover.

annually Russian animators let out hundreds mixed animated cartoons.   However, they do not reach the wide spectator. Luckies manage to look at them on film festivals or on the Internet. We have taken care of all spectators at once and have let out the best animation under one cover.

your child will fall asleep with a smile.

the Most successful animation studios try to remove full length movies under the American standards. The television too prefers to buy long-playing films. And as it is good to look in the evening with the child at a short kind animated cartoon! It how to tell to the kid a fairy tale.   and time will a little occupy.

Low cost and high quality.

To DVD with collection cartoon films the Mount of semi-precious stones from known studio Pilot the colourful book is applied. Pay attention that similar licence disks   in shops are on sale on 200 roubles and, by the way, without the book. That is called, feel a difference. In total there are five volumes Mounts of semi-precious stones . Collect all of them and receive an original collection from.

the Remarkable gift: 5 volumes of fine issued fairy tales with DVD.

Take great pleasure from viewing by all family. Attach   to perfect since the childhood!

the Disk and the book only 130 rbl. plus newspaper cost