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As we searched for the half (a part 1)


I Play on - fair!

At me everything, as in one known song: “ gentlemen quite suffice me “ and here “ love good “ no! Whether athletes, whether all " were translated at us; princes on white horses “ have snatched away... When to me have told about the project “ my Half! “   I have begun to doubt in the beginning. With me got acquainted and in the street, both in minibuses, and on the Internet. But all similar appointments by anything serious did not come to an end. A leah can help such, how I, this program? “ yes what here to think, Aliska! - my married girlfriends have declared to me. - in love all means are good! And suddenly there thy destiny? “ and suddenly! In me the adventurer has woken up, and I have typed program phone (4732 35 - 00 - 00. For check in to me have suggested to fill the questionnaire by phone. The first questions standard: a sex, age and so on. I have decided that any legends I will not think out. If to play, on - fair! But following questions have puzzled me. And truth, what I and what IT: romantic, organised, jealous, compliant? To me have suggested to approach and fill the questionnaire with the psychologist. Has thought and has solved - while I will consult itself.
well here, the step towards to happiness, apparently, is made! To the first to call and write to nobody to a camp, I will wait SMS! And there...


the Lonely man wishes to get acquainted...

On a broader scale - that with private life at me while - fie - fie! - all in a full order: I an experienced bachelor. And to get acquainted with girls for me, we will tell so, a hobby. And here to me have told about the new program “ my Half “. And I have decided to try - that will turn out?
To begin with I have dialled from city phone number (4732 35 - 00 - 00 - on it me should register as the participant of the program “ my Half “. Check in has appeared simple and amusing. The girl - the operator has asked me to think up to itself a pseudonym from five letters under which I will appear in system (check in, thus, it has turned out anonymous), and the password. Then it has taken an interest in mine growth and in weight (I have, of course, thrown heels of centimetres and has thrown off heels kg), the place of residence, attitude towards smoking and to alcohol, presence of children and even my tastes, habits and hobbies, sexual predilections. It was necessary to describe and my ideal - on the same parametres that has appeared a problem more difficult.

- As soon as the candidate as much as possible approaching you on all parametres will be found, you receive SMS with its pseudonym wished by time of phone call and a contact code for communication, - the girl at last has informed me.
And I began to wait with alarm for the first SMSîê...

Be continued.