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In Kursk by the winter the kindergarten will fly in kopeck

these days in edition parents detsadovtsev call. Fathers and mums assure that payment which was exposed by gardens for the maintenance of children last month, has appeared very heavy for them. She has grown almost in one and a half time. the price of one day of abiding in our garden - not any commercial, and in usual municipal - has stolen up to 90 roubles! - parents are indignant.

By the way, it is necessary to consider that mums and fathers bear only the fifth part of expenses - leaves, in practice daily expenses for one child in a garden made about 450 roubles.

- Such expenses it is too expensive for our family, now we think, a leah to leave better a daughter of the house, with the grandmother. Some persons in our group have reflected on the same. And what to do? - Irina Kljukvina complains kurjanka.

Parents are revolted: from - for what there was suddenly such jump of the prices?

- No rise in price actually existed, - has assured Elena ZHILJAEVA, the chief accountant of committee of education of Kursk. - Parents on - former pay only 20 % from real cost of the maintenance of the child. Under our data more expensive in this year there was an August as many children did not go to a garden. And in September the average payment, added to parents, has made on a city 63 roubles a day. Where - that have added hardly more, where - that - less. Foodstuff has risen in price, in many gardens did repair, bought stock, - all it could enter into payment. And here the salary of tutors and nurses remained on - former low. To learn more in detail, for what from you money took, it is possible in the for a kindergarten - full accounting should be given parents. I can tell one - a rise in price ahead, and it will be connected with a cold season and growth of tariffs for housing and communal services.

it is not excluded that by the end of the year for full month in usual municipal the kindergarten to parents and truth should spread on two thousand.


to Whom privileges are put?

have free of charge the right to visit kindergartens children who are nurtured by trustees, and children with the diagnosis the General nedorazvitie speeches (ONR).

Not 20 % as everything, and 10 % pay large families which nurture a three and more children. Besides, monthly indemnifications on kindergarten payment are put to all families. At whom one child grows, return 20 %, two children - 50 %, three and it is more - 70 %.