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The Internet of aliens

Sites round us

Advanced civilisations, undoubtedly is found out, existing on boundless open spaces of the Universe, for a long time have created a network like our Internet. And with its help communicate with each other. Perhaps, it is not so close, as we. But intergalactic a web at least allows to exchange a certain essential information.

To such, frankly speaking, to a fantastic conclusion high energy and nejtrino, professor John Lerned from the Hawaiian university the known astrophysicist, the expert in space radiation, physics has come to Honolulu. Aftar zhzhot - in similar cases members terrestrial usually tell the Internet - communities. In sense invents. Probably. But its arguments were published by the most authoritative scientific magazine Nature.

the Scientist assures that has found out sites of an intergalactic network. Many are visible even from the Earth - an order of 500 pieces located around the Milky Way. And to the nearest - in total 431 light year. Look at it everyone can. It is the well-known North star - a reference point for all seafarers and travellers.

Someone there winks

North star belongs to a class of strange and mysterious objects of the Universe - so-called tsefeid. They stars - giants and supergiants. The Sun - in hundreds and thousand times shine much more brightly. Are distinguishable from unimaginable distance - in 60 million light years. Such beacons.

the Internet - " site; North star it is located precisely in the north.

Strangeness tsefeid that they pulse. Their shine changes with a certain law. And it is rather strong. At least changes can be caught. Better to say, these stars blink, and with different periodicity - sometimes very quickly. And that increase, decrease in sizes. Something there in them occurs. And it is possible, according to John Lerneda, not in itself. And under the influence of intervention from the outside. That is aliens.

Terrestrial astronomers, of course, know about surprising behaviour tsefeid. Moreover, constantly watch them, using as reference points for definition of distances to other stars and galaxies. Probably, and advanced civilisations first were engaged in the same, have not guessed yet as the Hawaiian professor that pulsing stars will be useful and for another. Or already were useful. For transfer of reasonable signals.

- We observe for tsefeidami already more than hundred years, - the professor speaks. - there is exact data on shine change. To analyse them about intelligence - only a matter of time. Considering possibilities of present computers, it is required no more than two months.

- the Lovely offer, - the main astronomer of institute SETI to California (USA) which is engaged in searches of extraterrestrial civilisations has supported colleague Set Shostak. He, by the way, does not doubt that they - civilisations - will be precisely found out the next 20 years.

- the Interesting idea which can be checked up, - speaks known physicist Friman Dajson from Institute of the advanced researches in Nju of Jersey (USA). - Someone should look at archives on these stars and look, a leah is not present specific variations of brightness.

the Prick in star heart

As it is possible to interfere with behaviour of the enormous heated sphere? And to force it to blink, let us assume, a binary code? Lerned knows a way which will help to load in tsefeidu the helpful information accessible to perception of sharp brothers on reason.

the Professor and its colleagues believe what quickly to strengthen or reduce a luminescence of a pulsing star it is possible, having irradiated with its bunch nejtrino - elementary particles which do not know barriers and are capable to get into the depth tsefeidy.

- the Bunch nejtrino will affect thermonuclear reaction in a star and will accelerate increase of its shine, - the scientist speaks. - manipulating capacity and duration of influence, it is possible to code the information. TSefeida will react, as if human heart, in reply to the electric category. Will change frequency pulse which begins to differ from the natural.

Brothers on reason, you e - a mail

Where to take nejtrino? Lerned and it knows. He has developed some kind of a radiator, in which basis a target from sapphire. If to direct on it a bunch of the protons dispersed in the accelerator as a result as a result of collisions will turn out nejtrino. It will be necessary to measure in their necessary portions and to send to the nearest tsefeide. For example, to the same North star. And it begins to broadcast loaded the information. We will admit, co-ordinates of the Earth. Brothers on reason will see this galactic e - a mail, will be delighted and will arrive to us.

On estimation of the professor, the technology offered him would allow by means of tsefeid to pass the data with a speed about 200 bats in a year. It is poorly. But also our, terrestrial Internet has reached not at once these fantastic speeds.

Tomorrow you learn that the nearest to us tsefeida - North star - has enigmatically changed an order of the pulsation. The intergalactic Internet all - taki works?

we Will tell and about how Big adronnyj kollajder (TANK) in Switzerland which all so are afraid, will allow to contact aliens.

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