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As Muscovites react to financial crisis

Sociologists have counted up: in total for a year expenses of Muscovites on products, clothes and other goods of daily demand have jumped up on 40 %. Though thus incomes grow more modest rates. On what we show off and why we live in the afternoon today`s, instead of tomorrow`s, experts have told.

the Prices beat on poor

the Research company Romir has studied daily expenses of Russians. 8520 townspeople throughout a year fixed all expenditure. The first conclusions shock. It has appeared that expenses of townspeople in the country on the goods of daily demand have grown on 25 %, and in Moscow - on 40 %.

rates of increase in expenses at Russians different in incomes aloud differ. For example, in families with the income to 8 thousand on each member society cells expenses in August, 2008 have risen on 6,7 % and on 33,5 % as a whole for a year. At more well-founded Russians with the income from 8 to 16 thousand on the person expenses have increased by 7,7 % for a month and on 43,5 % for a year. And having the salary above 16 thousand roubles began to spend more for 7,4 % for August and on 28,2 % for a year.

- Inflation first of all beats on the poorest categories of the population, - does a conclusion the general director Romir Panels Andrey FEDOTOV. - Expenses of the man of means which has not got used to limit itself in expenses, change slightly. Other situation with the Russians having absolutely small and average earnings.

the Last try to keep up with the prices and to keep a worthy standard of living. And poor people also are glad to spend more, yes desires do not coincide with possibilities: rates of increase of salaries more low, than lifting of the prices.

the landslide increase in expenses was affected by three reasons. The first - incomes of Russians have risen on 20 - 25 %. The second reason - more powerful - the prices have grown still oshchutimee. So, milk has risen in price a minimum for 40 %, meat - from 50 % and is more. Well and the third as experts consider, too the important. Growth of expenditure Russians respond to financial instability in the world. To put up money in the action - it is dangerous, the stock market is in a fever every day. Real estate - the expensive. To save money in bank? Too it is doubtful. Inflation can eat all profit on the deposit. So an exit one - to spend!

Motor-car manufacturers poumerili appetites

Financial crisis has tripped manufacturers. Many companies in the beginning of year made the big plans for increase in sales. Now reconsider forecasts towards reduction.

For example, our automobile market is considered the most perspective in the world. In some months of this year in Russia sold a car even more than in Germany - the European leader of sales. But recently Russians all come into motor shows less often.

Company management Toyota one month ago planned that next year will sell on 15 % of a car more than in the present. Now speak only about 5 %.

- financial crisis first of all has struck on banks, - the analyst of the investment company " speaks; the Prospectus Dmitry the BALE. - on former favourable conditions of money get financiers cannot. Therefore are urged to lift rates and is more and more legible to select clients.

And as the good few of new cars disperses on credit toughening of requirements of banks painfully beats on a purse of businessmen.

However, with an average and high prosperity financial crisis frightens people not strongly. As have declared to the correspondent in one of travel agencies, now extremely hodko mountain-skiing tours on New Year`s feasts disperse.

- People say that do not know, what will be a financial situation in a family in the near future, therefore reserve rest in advance, - the manager in travelling agency tells.

- While there is no saying as crisis will affect the tourist industry. But sales for the winter are expected not below level of last year, - carefully make comments on conditions in association of tour operators of Russia ATOR.

And can, is better not spend all?

Competently to dispose of incomes in the conditions of crisis - a problem not from simple. Certainly, if the salary suffices only just barely enough on products and clothes also a head there is nothing to break. Another matter if in a family there is spare cash. What with them to do?

One experts advise to live in the afternoon today`s and to buy that planned. Otherwise inflation will depreciate savings and the part of money simply will burn down.

Other experts recommend not porot a fever and not to squander money.

- to Spend money are means them to lose. Now savings is better to hold in bank. We recommend to put money in roubles, dollars and euro on deposits in one of three largest banks with state participation, - the head of the consulting company " recommends; the Personal Capital Vladimir SAVENOK. - do not take in head to give money to small and average banks before the termination krizi - sa - and suddenly your bank cannot solve financial problems?

One more variant - to put up money in share funds of bonds. Some exchange analysts recommend to take now shares of the Russian companies. Say, take, while securities disperse at below cost prices. But Vladimir Savenok recommends not to hurry up. The Russian stock market shtormit: in one day on optimistical news from - for ocean grows on pair percent, on another gives on 5 - 7 %. And the market yet does not show steady growth.

the expert does not advise to be put and in smooth water large investors - gold. Having been frightened of crisis, men of means now really buy yellow metal. But a leah the newly made investor how the prices for precious metal ounce skip upwards - downwards on 3 - 5 % daily is ready to observe passionlessly?

- I Suspect that this test not for the simple person, - doubts Vladimir Savenok.