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In Vladimir distances - hot water have disconnected heating

One week ago kommunalshchiki promised that by October, 6th all Vladimir will be with heat. An official date started of a cold season - on October, 1st. Power and kommunalshchiki unanimously assure that heating start-up in a city goes with a schedule advancing. And, as well as it has been planned, by Monday the city most part will be in heat.

thus after trial start-up of batteries on October, 1st 147 houses not only have not received heat, but also have lost some hot water. Has not carried to inhabitants of streets of Razin, the Commune of Paris, Pitchugin, Officer, Tchaikovsky, Balakirev, Krasnoarmejsky and the prospectus of Builders.
it just that area where have detained connection of hot water almost for a month in the summer - instead of the put three weeks repair went seven. In comfort to inhabitants then said that but have repaired so have repaired - no impulses any more threaten us. And here, at the first start-up of heat, a hole in pipes here as here. It is insulting - for the sake of what suffered? Fortunately, by Sunday heating in houses nevertheless has appeared.

When will come warmly to all houses vladimirtsev?
the Photo: Alexander TUSHIN
has moved off dead centre even repair at the house 21 under the prospectus of Builders. There within a week stood untouched grandiose raskop about which brand new pipes have been laid up. And nearby any repairman was not lighted. Only on Saturday evening raskop have dug, and in houses on this site trial inclusion of heat has taken place.
- Here there was a full reconstruction of the main networks with replacement of pipes, - Vladimir Novozhilov, the deputy chief of a municipal government of housing and communal services has told. - The contractor badly worked. We called every day to ourselves the director, bothered it. He has promised by October, 7th to finish everything while carries out. The contractor, the company himtehprom carries out for a city at once 4 orders. One - two workers in desjateryh you will not transform. Here they also are not in time.
there is a naive question: And what, it is more with anybody another it was impossible to conclude the contract? Really other contractors in a city are not present?
- At all of us to trade only love, and in trenches to dig wants nobody! - Vladimir Borisovich has responded. - In a city one - two organisations remained, which can make repair work quickly and qualitatively. Here when normal money then also all will do in time will start - to pay to mechanics to repairmen!