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Traffic polices and kommunalshchiki will check up each pedestrian crossing

Inventory of each pedestrian crossing are engaged since October, 1st vladimirskiy the car inspector together with city public utilities. The matter is that planned preventive operation " started; the Pedestrian in which frameworks the marking and a status of traffic signs (a leah were bent) near pedestrian crossings will be checked up. Transition should be swept up to everyone:
- And that sometimes there are situations: have hung up a sign in the winter, in the summer near it already magnificent vegetation, and its driver simply does not notice. Even if the inspector will stop the motorist, that can safely tell: did not see a sign. Also it will be right, - speak in department of propagation of regional Management of traffic police.
at the same time GAI officers reveal and illegally established signs, to it and such come across. But for more all inspector will look for inattentive pedestrians and careless drivers - within the limits of the action The polite driver . On the most emergency crossroads ( the breakdown susceptibility centres as them name in traffic police) are exposed fasts, moreover, in spot-checks leave an order of 15 additional brigades. So, if you have stolen a march in not put place or have not passed the pedestrian on transition, be ready to leave 100 roubles. If will carry, will get off with the prevention - the overall objective of inspectors not to punish, and to lower terrible indicators of statistics.
so, with January, 1st in area because of pedestrians there were 317 failures where 83 infringers of rules were lost, and 249 have got wounds. Every third failure on our roads is an arrival on the pedestrian. For last 8 months of this year 631 such failure has carried away lives of 129 persons, and only 10 were lost on a pedestrian crossing. In total on careless pedestrians in area have in this time made 72 thousand reports and preventions (from them vladimirtsy 29889 times have caused a stir).
- Not many know also such point corrected, on which the pedestrian himself should be convinced of security of transition. You see that to you burns green but on a line any reckless driver rushes, - wait is better. A leah a little - brakes have refused, or he/she is the car thief, and to it on you, by and large, to spit... - tell the inspector. Also remind - even if as a result of arrival the pedestrian remained is live, it gets very serious traumas. So it is better to be extremely careful.