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you Will be spacing out - and chambers will not help!

passes have paved trotuarnoj a tile, have put urns and even have established video observation chambers (see for September, 22nd). Our readers have shared the opinions.

Elena Velikodneva, a web - the programmer, Krasnoarmejsky area, street Five-sea :
- I in this market was last time about six years ago. It now shopping centres and boutiques, because fine replace the prices on Tractor already far not market as was when - that. But I anyway for observation cameras. After all they are necessary in any large shop.

Evgenie Nikolaevna Tchudin, Krasnooktjabrsky area, street Zorge :
- Here it is interesting, and whom and from whom will protect these chambers? Hardly they will save us from pickpockets. So all - taki is better not to open wide companies. The old checked up way - money in a brassiere - remains to the most reliable!

Xenia Reshetnikova, the Central area, street 7 - I Guards :
- I went on Tractor in these days off. As there was a medley from a dirt and a full brothel, and remains. Any trotuarnoj I in the market have not found out a tile, and militia with chambers too. And musorki there and earlier were. But through them it was necessary to jump and in without that narrow numbers!

Michael Terekhov, Dzerzhinsky area, street Sheksninsky :
- it is interesting, and as they have gathered there the theft moment - that to reveal. Yes in such crowd you will disassemble nothing, though how much you record from videocameras do not look through. It is assured that all is our valorous law enforcement bodies have started once again to create visibility of work.

Svetlana Sergeeva, the Soviet area, avenue University :
Like good that Tractor have made civilised. Only it is almost assured that it will affect the goods price. The administration should compensate the expenses. Will lift a rent. And then and sellers will make the surcharge. It will turn out too, as with the Central market.