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The murderer of the Russian diplomats is destroyed in Iraq?

past Friday during usual military operation in suburb of Bagdad soldiers of the USA certain Abu Assad and his wife have been killed. The American command has there and then declared that the liquidated terrorist - one of large captains of the host Al - Kaidy responsible for murder of four Russian diplomats by summer of 2006. US military men do similar conclusions on similarity of Abu Assada with shooting in one of Russians on the punishment video record. However earlier it was informed that all hostages have been decapitated.

the Mess is and with a name of the terrorist. Abu Assad is known in the closed antiterrorist circles as for Abu Rami.     But the British special services are assured that behind abduction there is the well-known Mahir Zubajdi which have arranged explosions in two Baghdad mosques where 16 persons were lost.

we Will remind, the Russian diplomats have been stolen on June, 3rd, 2006 in Bagdad when their car was blocked by the Iraq insurgents. One of employees of embassy has been killed on the spot, four more took in hostages. Then thieves have demanded from the government of Russia to disengage in two-day term of an army from the Chechen Republic and to unbind all prisoners - Moslems. After a while insurgents have published the video record of brutal murder of three captured on the Internet. That became with the fourth - it is not known.

Vladimir Putin holding at that time fast of the President of Russia, has ordered to special services to find and destroy murderers of diplomats. The State Duma has operatively passed the law which allows for struggle against the international terrorism to use armed forces and special services outside of Russia. In turn, the director of FSB of that time Nikolay Patrushev has promised for the information on murderers of diplomats an award in $10 million

Hardly this award now will get to Americans. Before the power of Iraq more than once declared the next arrest of the terrorist Al - Kaidy absolutely involved in murder of Russians.