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In Belgorod have opened a monument to the teacher

Belgorod   for a long time became the champion on the most original monuments. Where still it is possible to meet monuments to the yard keeper, a shuttle, the grandmother? To pass by them it is simply impossible! The next unusual sculpture have established on the eve of Day of the teacher in National parkway of the regional centre, about one of the oldest schools of a city.  

to Sit behind a school desk near to Vovochka and remember school days any interested person can.
a photo: Elena MATCHINA.

Initially author Taras Kostenko planned that behind the back   Teachers there will be a board on which belgorodtsy and city visitors can write the wishes to Belgorod and its inhabitants. But then, considering what write our people can everyone, it has been decided to transform a board into an abstract detail (from it actually there was only conditional framework). The author has refused and from a primary plan to set for a school desk near to which there is a teacher, two children - the boy and the girl.

- As a result behind a school desk remained to sit only boy Vovochka, - Taras Viktorovich smiles. - That each interested person could sit down near, again to feel the madcap, to remember wonderful school days... Images of heroes of a composition - collective.   everyone had a first teacher, and to take someone in prototypes it would be simple not fairly. I hope, this monument becomes a place for meetings of all graduates.

On monument creation has left more half a year. Now at Kostenko on the way a new monument -   to a family. When work on it has practically come to the end, the author had an idea to make this family having many children, having added in a composition of one more child. To see a monument belgorodtsy and city visitors can in the middle of December.  

TTH a monument the Teacher the first mine

Weight -   nearby   400 kg

Cost - about 800 thousand roubles

the Material - bronze