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The compulsive gambler has reserved all family

- Give to me though in eyes to it to look, ask, how he could on SUCH dare?! - The successful businessman and the unfortunate father when an opera have informed could not believe that synulja has reserved it, mother and the brother. - to it in what there was no refusal - both apartment, and the car have bought. Yes that there, he actually lived at our expense...

to solve problems at one stroke

Igor Vinogradova`s Family - the father, mother and the brother - lives in Kirov. The guy has some years ago got over to Nizhni Novgorod, married and nurtured the adopted son and the daughter of 14 and 4 years. Has tried was to adjust own business - was engaged in resale of vegetables. But business is not has gone (and can, he slightly and tried to move it), and the man has agreed for a role of the simple unskilled worker.

- it was well arranged, - grins asking not to name itself Igor`s acquaintance. - Actually veins at the expense of the wife - the saleswoman and parents, at which in Kirov successful business - a beauty salon yes the municipal enterprise. With such support Igor with the wife even apartment in a mortgage took.

Idyll proceeded until one year ago Vinogradov has not sat down on game machines. At first on an hour per day spent in the nearest club, and eventually has started to vanish there till the night - each time after work.

Igor has received six years of a high security that wanted to finish parents...

- When he has started to play on - black, in their family terrible scandals have begun, - the neighbour Michael remembers. - You will call on them - clean three-room apartment, the clear head the wife earlier... Then - all just what isn`t needed: the furniture broken in the heat of scandal and traces from a knife on a kitchen door.

- the Husband as have changed, - Igor`s wife shuts the face with the hands. - has started to drink, began to break on me and children, hysterics for no reason arranged. I some times left. Took away the son and dochuru   also moved to mother. But also there it did not give rest to us: rowed, beat glasses. And then asked for forgiveness, promised to fasten with games and begged to return. I forgave him...

Soon, under the genre law, at Igor financial problems have begun. To play - that on something it was necessary! And the hobby which has imperceptibly turned to illness (doctors already recognise game dependence almost as the diagnosis), dictated the rates which grew every day. Salaries of the unskilled worker on them did not suffice. And parents, having learnt about synulinom a hobby Have at once ceased to send money, and directed them straight to bank where the mortgage is issued.

- Igor began to take out from the thing house, my gold ornaments, - the wife of the compulsive gambler remembers. - then new the Zhiguli has for nothing sold. Money has, of course, lost.

Deadly receipts

to Search for killer Vinogradov became among with whom long stayed in game halls.

- Hear, you do not want to earn? - He was converted to the same admirer one-armed gangsters to Alexander (the name is changed, this person is protected under the program protection of witnesses ) . And, having heard the affirmative answer, has lowered a voice: - It is necessary to bang all my family... The father, mother and the brother.

Alexander has choked. However, at first it was flattered on a fat large sum, has agreed. And then was frightened. Also has gone to militia.

After that negotiations of the customer with the killer passed under control Nizhniy Novgorod UBOPa and were fixed by the latent equipment which have established in Alexander`s car.

... And they to the last tried to convince judges: it is an error... Their son has simply stumbled also it it is necessary to forgive... (On court tear-stained parents closed persons.)
the Photo: Dmitry MINEEV

Here   Igor`s quiet voice which explains " is audible; to the workmate :

- Give we will arrange everything, as armed assault.

Here he stretches to the killer a photo of the native. A paper rustle: the customer draws the plan as it is better to make the way to the parental private house.

- Confirming to the serious intentions Vinogradov even two receipts to the killer has written, - the inspector on especially important issues of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Sergey tells PRIESTS. - till the end of 2008 I undertake to pay five millions roubles for the done work and In case of debt nonpayment I undertake to give the house .

the Apartment was not necessary to Igor: in case of death of parents it became the fellow-heir of their business and considerable money.  

Worshipped... In the murderer

Have detained Vinogradova after the killer has brought to its entrance   a desired message: a pier, everything, thy family in the next world. Igor why - that has taken to the mercenary a word, even a picture of the killed has not asked. Has not found time and dial number of parents - to check up.

However, would not be in time - it have there and then tied.

On interrogation Vinogradov has told that any murder did not plan supposedly it it have misunderstood. Has then burst into tears and was silent till the end of process.

the court One of these days has ended - Igor has received six years of a high security. So soft sentence speaks that at Vinogradova two children. And still... The father with mother have rushed on protection of the useless offspring. Successful men of means perplexed cried before the judge:

- Well take mercy. We will reconcile... Let`s stop business... Release it!

But against the obstinate facts the parental love is powerless even.

- To us have given operative record: Igor asks the killer us to kill... We were in shock, - has looked down, full of bewilderment and tears, mother of the accused.

Dmitry MINEEV (- Nizhni Novgorod )



Dmitry SOROKIN, the psychotherapist: It is the same illness, as alcoholism or a narcotism

- Most likely, it is a question of serious game dependence. Compulsive gamblers have three stages: euphoria from a prize, frustration from loss and despair, and as consequence - disappointment in life.

At the third stage the person ceases to appreciate life - as the, and another`s. He thinks only of how to leave from debts. More often   the compulsive gambler finishes (or does attempt to finish) life by suicide. In this case plot development has gone to other party: to rescue itself, Igor has decided to offer the native.

Igromanija is same illness, as alcoholism or a narcotism. It needs to be treated at the professional. It is important, that to this process were connected native and friends, after all during this moment are necessary for the dependent person support and love of relatives.

Has written down Alain MALIHINA (- Nizhni Novgorod ) .


it is competent

How to defeat one-armed   gangsters ?

the doctor responds To questions - psychotherapist Victor GURSKY

- When to relatives to sound alarm?

- the Frequent sign igromanii - heavy expenses. There has begun the son at you money to take more often and more usual, valuable things began to vanish, and signs of narcotic or alcoholic intoxication are not present - most likely, the child began to play for money.

its Mood changes often. Igromanija is after all mental frustration, therefore mentality changes will be that is called, it is available.  

By the way, igromanija as disease of mentality of the person seldom arises in itself: As a rule, the young man approaches to the game machine for the first time in an euphoria status - after a drug taking or alcohol. Game tightens quickly. By the way, igromanija no means always is illness young: often pull rychazhok the one-armed gangster, for example, grandmothers - pensioners.

- Who starts to play?

- On the statistican the number of compulsive gamblers increases. Especially it is a lot of them among teenagers. More often they grow in incomplete families. The woman tries to replace to the child of the father, the boy is urged to submit... When comes it is time to make the decision, the teenager is lost. To affirm, it goes to earn money most easy as it seems to it, way - in a slot machine arcade...

Give the son to section, find the teacher of music, take away, at last, in church - in general, there, where there is a rituality element. The most good method of treatment igromanii - passion replacement to game by other hobby.

- a leah It is possible to cure the dependent?

- At igromanii relapses, this illness - as a diabetes, it for ever are possible. Do not want, that the child has again conceived a liking for game? Make so that it on a gun shot did not approach to automatic machines. Also did not drink! I have acquaintance, the former addict. He at all does not drink! if I will drink a glass, I will relax. And I will relax - I can quite prick .